Paper Mario Screenshots (Nintendo 64)

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Nintendo 64 version

Bowser's messing with the story and causing trouble!
Title screen
The perks of being a plumber
Mario and Luigi hightail it to the castle - after all, sweets!
Mario has been waiting for this moment his WHOLE LIFE
Bowser has hijacked the Princess' castle and lifted it into the sky
With Bowser super-powered, there's no way Mario will survive that
Mario plummets from the castle - it's a long way down
Thanks to the Star Spirits, Mario has managed to recover
Kammy Koopa foresaw that Mario would be trouble. She's 'blocked' his path. Ha ha.
With the hammer, Mario can break blocks and attack enemies
These rainbow blocks can save your progress
Troopa Jr. is a mad bully who always wants to fight
He's not kidding, either. Really.
These springs can boost you to higher areas
After defeating an enemy, bonus coins, HP and FP appear
Don't stomp spiky enemies - whack 'em with your hammer instead!
You can see approaching enemies, and dodge them if you like
Stomp a Paragoomba and it loses its wings!
Mario safely returns back to the Goomba family's house
Mario has gained his first partner!
Goombario's special ability is to tattle on enemies, revealing their HP and weak points
Red boxes like these hide away special badges
These guys aren't tough - just persistent
You can also use items, like the famous Fire Flower
Red and Blue have ran back to the King, and are now gloating at you
Hit his weak point for MASSIVE DAMAGE
After receiving 100 Star Points, you can level up
Oh, you mean this switch I just pressed?
Goombario and Mario reach Toad Town at last
Title screen (Japanese version)
Bowser and Kammy Koopa.
Traveling through the burning hot Dry Dry Desert.
Parakarry about to strike a Swooper.
Parakarry is handy for getting over wide gaps.
Fighting a pair of Stone Chomps.
Mario and Bombette solving a puzzle in Dry Dry Ruins.
Igor the Boo knows how to persuade people.
Traveling through the dark and menacing Forever Forest.
Sleepy Sheeps can put enemies to sleep for a while.
The Boo Mansion in Forever Forest.
Acquiring the Super Boots.
Hyper Goombas can charge up and increase their attack power.
Inside Tubba Blubba's Castle.
The invincible Tubba Blubba.
Tubba Blubba's heart.
Dark Koopas can make you dizzy when they spin in front of you.
Mario and Goombario in the Shy Guy's Toybox.
Mario and Watt fighting three Pyro Guys.
Riding the toy train through Shy Guy's Toy Box.
General Guy and his Shy Guy army.
Crossing the ocean to Lavalava Island.
Mario and Watt in Yoshi's Village.
Meeting Raphael the Raven.
Mario, Watt and Kolorado outside the entrance to Mt. Lavalava.
Entering the dark caves of Mt. Lavalava.
The Ultra Hammer makes Mario's hammer attack much stronger.
Encountering the Lava Piranha.