Perfect Dark Credits (Nintendo 64)

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Perfect Dark Credits

Ending Credits

Designs on the FutureChris Tilston
Play that Music MaestroGrant Kirkhope
Manic Welsh DesignerJamie Williams
Grey AreaDuncan Botwood
Mover and ShakerJonathan Mummery
Guns and Visual OrgasmsBeau Chesluk
Dinomic BackgroundsKeith Rabbette
Sound GeezerMartin Penny
Bionic BackgroundsRoss Bury
Well Packed ManRussell Irwin
Weapons SpecialistChris Darling
‑aqham‑Brian Marshall
Bangin Hardkore ChoonzDavid Clynick
Perfect Locations and VoxSteve Malpass
BodybuilderB. Jones
Reality EngineerDarkmark 
DD SnipersKevin Bayliss, Dean Smith, Graham Smith, Michael Currington, Tony Wong, Simon Farmer, Leigh Loveday, Robert Harrison, Steven Hurst
Fearsome FoursomePhil Dunne, Richard Berwick, Gareth Glover, Jonathan Ambrose
Trent's HenchmenLee Musgrave, Johnni Christensen, Mark Betteridge, Chris Marlow, Robin Beanland, Neil Gallagher, Feargal Plant
Voices in the DarkEveline Novakovic, Chris Sutherland, Chris Seavor, John Silke, Ben Cullum, Louise Tilston, Alistair Lindsay, Duncan Botwood, Beau Chesluk, B. Jones, Steve Malpass
Rare ExterminatorsHuw Ward, Adam Munton, David Wong, Luke Munton, Gary Phelps, Andrew Wilson, John Silke, Matthew Carter, Gavin Price, Gareth Stevenson, Bushbaby , Stephen Stamper, Ross Bullimore, Justin Cook, Dale Murchie, Roger Smith
CI TechsRichard Gale, Mark Green, Alex Zoro, Mark Wilson
Hard and Wary SupportPete Cox, Paul Mikell, Doug Crouch
Motion CaptureAlan Tippertronic, Des Easen, Jim Ballard
Going Through the MotionsDuncan Botwood, Michelle Tipper, Sue Fell, Doug Crouch, Ross Bury
Testing (Rare Miami)Keith Coll
Rare in the SunJoel Hochberg, Eileen Hochberg, Scott Hochberg, Jerry Rogowski
Dark CommandersBis ,  Wombat
Testing (NOA)Michael Kelbaugh, Tim Bechtel, Thomas Hertzog, Melvin Forrest, Dougall Campbell, Roger Harrison, Jeffrey Kalles
TreehouseArmond Williams Jr., Henry C. Sterchi, Edward A. Ridgeway
Perfect SpellingTeresa Lillygren
NintendoMinoru Arakawa, Mike Fukuda, Don James, Michael Kelbaugh, Howard Lincoln, Ken Lobb, Jacqualee Story, Gail Tilden


Project LeaderMartin Hollis
Graphics / ArtworkRoss Bury, Karl Hilton, B. Jones, Lee Ray
ProgrammingBeau Chesluk, Mark Edmonds, Stephen Ellis, Barry Northern
MusicGrant Kirkhope, Graeme Norgate
SoundGraeme Norgate, Martin Penny
DesignDuncan Botwood, David Doak
AnimationJames Cunliffe, Jonathan Mummery

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Credits for this game were contributed by quizzley7 (21743), monty norman (17) and Barry Northern (5)