Pokémon Stadium (Nintendo 64)

Pokémon Stadium Screenshots

Nintendo 64 version

Title screen
This screen appears before you start the game, and shows you which ports have which Pokémon versions
Choose from Stadium, GB Emulation, Party games, Free Play, and more
Here, you can sort boxes, transfer Pokémon between GB carts, and more
You can check out your GB cart's Pokédex in more detail on the N64
Pokémon Stadium also features a faithful emulator to play Super Game Boy enhanced GB games
Square off against opponents in Gym Leader Castle
Although each player has six Pokémon, only three are selected
Here, each player secretly selects three Pokémon
Ivysaur and Wartortle face off
Certain Pokémon, like Mew, aren't available for rent - you must have your own
Wartortle uses its surf attack
Dugtrio prepares to use Earthquake...
...and scores a direct hit!
Ivysaur is about to use Leech Seed
Select what Party Games you'd like to play in the Kid's Club
In this game, you must make Magikarp flop about as much as possible
Lickitung are feasting on sushi - but don't eat the wasabi!
Don't follow the Clefairy teacher's instructions, and you'll get whacked
Time your Harden attack correctly, or else you'll be squished!
Dragonite faces off against Parasect
Thunder isn't very effective against Parasect
Dragonite is ready for the next opponent
The perpetually bizarre Mr. Mime
Jigglypuff's dreaded sing attack - sadly, it doesn't draw on the sleeping victim's face like in the show
Arbok is struck with a deadly blow
Bit of a size difference with this match up!
A one hit KO!
Charmeleon is ready to fight
Machamp recovers from a hit
Go! Meowth!
Magnemite has a little trouble. OK, not little.
Where is he?
End Battle!
Snorlax, wake up!
Time to hypnotize you....
Duel time!