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Ridge Racer 64 (Nintendo 64)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

Ridge Racer 64 Credits


Executive ProducerHiroshi Yamauchi
ProducerMinoru Arakawa, David C. Bridgham, Andrew Hieke
Assistant ProducerClaude Comair
DirectorAkila Redmer
Assistant DirectorBrett Ballow, Michael Harrington
Chief ProgrammerPrasanna Ghali
Main ProgramSheldon Baines, Sun Tjen Fam, Rory Johnston
Support‑Tools ProgramSamir Abou-Samra, Scott Bassett, Jonathan Johnson, Yoon Joon Lee
Art DirectorRaymond Yan
Graphic DesignMichael Harrington, Nathan Hocken, Trevor Johnson, Ryan Leep, Steven Petofalvi, Lawrence Ruelos, Bob Lindenmayer, Alain Schneuwly, Gavin Vaden, Joe Schober
ArtworkKen Christiansen, Adi Granov
Sound DirectorLawrence Schwedler
Sound CompositionKeith Arem, PCB Productions
Sound ProgramEmory Georges, Rory Johnston
Voice TalentJohn Frost
Network ManagerDavid Gallardo
Product Debug & Testing UnitNOA Product Testing Team
Special ThanksMike Fukuda, Gail Tilden, Shigeki Yamashiro, Howard Lincoln, Casey Pelkey

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