Road Rash 64 Ad Blurbs (Nintendo 64)

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Advertising Blurbs – Nintendo 64:
    Have you ever dreamed of tearing up the highway on a beast of a bike, clad in black leather and surrounded by your closest friends? THQ has made this dream come true for many roughneck wannabes, with a high-speed motorcycle combat game fittingly titled Road Rash 64.

    Road Rash 64 automatically inducts you into an exclusive motorcycle club, where you must build your rep by winning races where the rules encourage you to break the rules. With opposing riders wielding pool cues, lead pipes and other blunt objects, you're in for anything but an easy ride. You can increase the notoriety of your club by avoiding these uncouth attacks, and maybe even engaging in a bit of foul play yourself.

    In all, Road Rash 64 offers nearly 300 square kilometers of terrain to terrorize, 25 cartoonish biker bad guys, and Hi Res scenery provided by the N64 Expansion Pak. As you cruise the country proving that you're b-b-b-b-bad to the bone, other clubs show off their advanced AI by holding grudges and forming new alliances along the way. If you prove that you're no punk, you'll be invited to special rumbles only available to the most feared clubs on the road.

    Modes of play include: Team Race, Gauntlet, Escape and Pursuit. Road Rash delivers insane action with huge crashes that will make you cringe. More importantly, there's nothing quite like the comradery that comes with membership to an exclusive motorcycle club. O.K., honestly we just love to see motorcycles flying through the air while our rap sheet grows longer than a chemistry text book.

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65856) on May 15, 2005.