Written by  :  Lawnmower Man (145)
Written on  :  Jan 28, 2011
Rating  :  3.2 Stars3.2 Stars3.2 Stars3.2 Stars3.2 Stars
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Ride On

The Good

Road Rash 64 may appear to be your average cut and dry motorcycle racing game, but becomes a whole different breed when you add weapons to the mix. At the start of every level, players will be assigned a weapon (depending on your class of bike [Harley style or Racing style]) and continue to get more types of weapons as they advance through the game.

The combat system is simple and effective. Using the C Buttons, plays can kick, swing their weapon forward or backwards in an attempt to knock an opponent off his bike. Players can even pick up damage multipliers and other weapons. There is even a crude revenge system in play, for example; You knock Ted off his hog, when he gets back into the race, Ted is going to try and go after you to return the favor. This makes the alliance system essential to winning, since the side you join (Rumblers or Thrashers) won't attack you as long as you don't hit them.

The obstacles add even more depth to the game. Using the wheelie button, players will be jumping off hills, over cars, and even cows. When the police are added in later, players are tasked with taking out the cop before the cop takes them out first. These little obstacles and side jobs keep the game unpredictable and make for a surprise every time.

The Bad

Road Rash 64 suffers from severe draw distance issues. Many times when a player is at least 3 feet from a car, the game still registers it as a hit, send the player sky rocketing off his bike, and usually to the back of the race. Do this 4 times and your race is over.

Another flaw is that Road Rash is painfully basic by today's and even yesterday's standards. Money is only used to buy new bikes, any form of a story is absent, and there are no other upgrades or anything else to improve your stats.

The Bottom Line

Despite its simple nature and some technical bugs, Road Rash 64 remains a simple, fun game that will ensure plenty of fun distractions, especially with friends to play with. Those looking for a deeper game will be disappointed, but for those who enjoy a B Movie experience with their games you can't go wrong with this one.