Rocket: Robot on Wheels Screenshots (Nintendo 64)

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Nintendo 64 version

Title screen
Whoopie World is going to open tomorrow...
But Jojo the Raccoon has other plans!
Jojo kidnaps Whoopie Walrus and sabotages the park!
Rocket can pick up and throw objects, which bounce and react realistically
Get through all of these rings as quickly as possible to earn a prize
Getting hurt will cause Rocket to lose a unit of health
Each ticket has its own hint on how to get it
Because Rocket is a robot, he'll sink to the bottom of the ocean if you fall - you need to be careful here!
Rocket speeds along the beach in his DuneDog car
A ticket is placed on top of a giant flower
After placing all four screws in, the Rollercoaster console will appear...
...allowing the player to create and ride on their very own Rollercoaster!
This chicken is ruthless as Noughts and Crosses - you need to cheat to beat it!
The bee here will knock Rocket into the pit if he's not careful
Once you've collected all the machine parts, you can repair the main machine in that world
Activating the T-Rex reveals a secret entrance under his foot
Luckily, these sharks don't have laser beams on their heads
Rocket can use his tractor beam to latch onto poles
Once you collect all the Tinker Tokens, you'll get the world's final ticket
Throw a sheep at brambles to make it stick and use it as a platform
Rocket has painted himself so that he matches the guard's colors
You can use the Hoversplat to paint lots of objects in the world
The floating rocks need to be painted to match the rocks below
Like Banjo-Kazooie, each water droplet makes its own concentric circles
This piece will slot onto the door so that it will open
Rocket can swim through the water with the help of the FinBot
You'll need to speed through this tricky section to make it to the end
The level entrance is blocked off, you'll need to find another way in
Rocket throws a bomb at the weak wall