Rush 2: Extreme Racing USA Credits (Nintendo 64)

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Rush 2: Extreme Racing USA Credits

Midway Rush 2 Team

Executive ProducerBill Hindorff
ProducerRobert V. Daly
Associate ProducerMike Kruse
ProgrammersEd Logg, Michael A. Kelly, Michael Alexander
Art DirectorJose Erazo
Senior ArtistGreg Holt
ArtistsTodd Papy, Dave Hanson, Cecil Carthen Jr., Giovanni Erazo, Rob Reininger, Manuel Laguatan
MusicBarry Leitch
Product ManagerWallace Poulter
Test ManagerDavid Ortiz
Product AnalystsJose Amparan, Pablo Buitrago, Larry Cadelina
Lead TestersJoffrey Suarez, Giezi Bermudez
TestersAlexander Beran, Kevin Dines, Steve Foge, Pele Gaoteote, Mario Guevara, Michael Jessup, Trenton Lewis, Richard Magsayo, Jesse Meza, Frederic Mora, Spencer Ray, Charles Ybarra
Print Design & ProductionDebra Austin, Gary Gonzales, Jon Mongelluzzo, Chris Mowry, Erin Shems, Chris Vine, Dave Young
Special ThanksMaribel Santa Cruz, Randy Davis, John Geraci, Morgan Godat, Tox Gunn, Matt Harvey, Debra Heinz, Jeremy Mattson, Dan Van Elderen, Glenn Wippich, Kirk Young, Deborah K. Fulton, and the many more who made this game possible.

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