Shadow Man Credits

Acclaim Studios Teesside

Game DesignGuy Miller, Simon Phipps
StoryGuy Miller, Simon Phipps
Level Design Guy Miller, Simon Phipps
Project Managers Nick Bagley, David Riley
Additional Design Peter Hodbod, Mathew Ward
Programmers Stuart McKenna, David DePauw, Andrew Seed, Jonathan Ackerley ('Fritz')
AI Programming John May
Extra Programming Brian Watson, Les Long, Neil Holmes
Lead Artist & World Building Reeson Ivatts
Creature Shop Robert Nash, Steve Abrahart, Ian McBurney
World Building James O'Brien, Neil Hislop, Heather Calder, Alexander Szeles, Robert Gray, Paul Docherty, Colin Mulhern
Character Animation Billy Allison, Niel Bushnell, Neil Parkinson, Andrew Wright
Cinematic Production Patrick Ward
Additional Art Colin Mulhern, James O'Brien, Alexander Szeles
Music Composition & Sound FXTim Haywood
Motion Capture Actors Gavin Betts, Richard Blane, Spencer Fearon, Guy Miller, Joe Miller, Tim Miller, Simon Phipps, Lizzie Wingham
Voice Artists Redd Pepper (as Mike/Shadow Man), Barry Meade (as Jaunty), Lani Milleni (as Nettie), Travis as Luke, Corey Johnson (as Marco Cruz/Milton Pike), Guy Miller (as Legion/Dr. Victor Batrachian), Simon Phipps (as Jack The Ripper/Avery Marx)
Additional Voices Steve Abrahart, Heather Calder, Paul Docherty, Lisa Haywood, Tim Haywood, Andrew Wright
Casting & Voice Producer ALLINTHEGAME Ltd.
US Audio Production Rick Fox
QA Manager David Cleaveley
Game Testers Jonathan Heckley, Stephen Murphy, Paul Robinson
Game Manual Andy Roberts
Administration Stephanie Bagley, Louise Munro
Human Resources Manager Roz Henderson
Finance Manager Angela Atkinson
Operations Director Frank Tindle
Operations Technician Tim Jennings
Technical Director Richard Frankish
Art Director Michael Muskett
Creative Director Guy Miller
Director of Product Development Jason Falcus
Managing Director Darren Falcus

Acclaim Entertainment, Ltd. (UK)

PR Manager Simon Smith-Wright
European Product Manager Ned Browning
UK Marketing Manager Simon Downing
European Product Coordinator Harvey Elliott
Product Researcher Alex Ward

Acclaim Entertainment, Inc. (NY)

Producer Shawn David Rosen
Marketing John Paul Carnovale, Don Jackson, Christina Recchio
Public Relations Adam Kahn, Michelle Seebach Curran
Consumer Services Jason Brown, Danny Decarolis, Jack Scalici, Tara Schiraldi, Jack Shen, Brennen Vega
Creative Director Scott Jenkins
European Project Supervisor Lisa Koch
Graphic Artist Bethany Pawluk
QA Manager Carol Caracciolo
QA Supervisors Jeff Rosa, Dale Taylor
Senior Lead Analysts Mike Patterson, Brian Regan
Lead Analysts Mark Garone, Matthew Canonico
QA Project Leads Paul Johnson, Jennifer Simone
Assistant QA Project Leads Daren Chencinski, Adam Davidson
Testers Christopher Rappo, James Dima, Joshua Rogers, Joe Maiello
Technical Support Group Ulises Batalla, Leigh Busch, Christopher Coppola, Kevin Denehy, Chris Frisone, Andrew Fullaytor, Christopher Maher, David Pollick, Harry Reimer, Mike Sterzel, Chris Zino
Sr. Hardware Guru John Zigmont
Hardware Tech. Andy Basile
Network SupportMike DeLieto, Brian Donohue, Andy Skalka

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Credits for this game were contributed by Freeman (44003) and formercontrib (159537)