Shadow Man Screenshots (Nintendo 64)

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Nintendo 64 version

Title Screen
Press Start to play
Another clip from the attract mode
Main menu
From the opening movie: Shadow Man lives in an apartment above a bar.
From the opening movie: This is Shadow Man, hero of the game.
From the opening movie: Mama Nettie, Voodoo priestess and your guide
From the opening movie: There's word I bet you never thought you'd see on a Nintendo system.
Shadow Man is an ordinary human in the day. The game starts in the Louisiana bayou .
This a Govi. They contain the dark souls Shadow Man must collect. Only he can open them.
Loading screen
Shadow Man Chit-chats with Jaunty, guardian of the Marrow Gates in Deadside. Deadside is the spirit realm. There, you are Shadow Man all the time.
Shadow Man shoots a zombie with his Shadow Gun
When enemies die, they explode like this and leave behind health pick-ups.
Shadow Man is ambushed in a hall by a slashing zombie. You can burn through those walls once you get the right weapon.
A coffin gate. The symbols around it show what level of Shadow Power you need to open it. None of these are purple, so no Shadow Power is required.
Those pointy things are Cadeux. Once you get 100 of them, you can trade them in to increase your maximum health at The Temple of Life.
Shadow Man found a dark soul.
This coffin gate has one purple area, so you need a Shadow Power of one to open it. This meter also determines you much you can charge your gun and much you can use magic.
Shadow Man swims through blood in the Wasteland.
Climbing hand-over-hand along a line
Shadow Man shoots an Ork. The enemies get far freakier than this.
Shadow Man shimmies along a ledge in The Temple of Life.
Shadow Man braces himself to jump backward from a ledge.
Once you get two weapons, you can target two enemies separately.
Shadow Man opens a level-two coffin gate.
The opening movie for The Asylum.
Shadow Man fights a hook hog inside the asylum.
Looking at the trolley that will take me out of the Asylum in sniper mode
The front entrance of The Asylum.
These corpses take you back to Liveside, where the serial killers that serve as the game's bosses are located. Shadow Man is being sucked through this one.
Milto Pike, probably the first killer you'll face.
In Liveside, you can use various guns.
Shadow Man uses his teddy bear to travel between worlds
Voodoo sisters guard each temple
The entrance of the main section of the fire temple
The temples are filled with booby traps.
Fire temple: You need to hit switches to lower the top part of the ring.
Once the ring is complete, you ride it up
And come back down with new tattoos. Shadow Man gains new abilities with each tattoo he gets.
Now, he can touch fire without being burned.