Snowboard Kids Screenshots (Nintendo 64)

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Nintendo 64 version

Title screen
Training lesson
Player selection
Course selection
Game menu
Starting the race in Big Snowman.
Nancy on Big Snowman using an Alpine Board.
Using an item to slow others down - assuming it hits its target.
Nancy performing her special trick.
Finishing first on Big Snowman course.
Painting the board.
Jam performing his unique trick in the Trick Game mode.
Jam grinding.
Jam on Sunset Rock course
Close to the finish line
Going on a lift after finishing the lap.
Slash on the Night Highway course
Slash doing an ordinary trick.
Tommy on the Grass Valley course
Being left behind.
Taking a different route.
Linda on Dizzy-Land
Another part of this strange course
Near the end of the second lap
Slash on a Shot game
Slash on a Speed game
Finishing first in all courses and winning the Copper Pass.
This new stage is also unlocked.
Slash on Quicksand Valley course
Another course you can unlock.
The unlocked character Shinobin on Silver Mt. course.
Shinobin on the last course you can unlock - Ninja Land
Sinobin on another part of this 9-lap course
2-player game on Rookie Mountain
2-player game on Night Highway
2-player game on Quicksand Valley
3-player game on Sunset Rock
3-player game on Grass Valley
4-player game on Big Snowman
4-player game on Dizzy-Land