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Back of Box - N64 (US):
    A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

    As Luke Skywalker and the Rebel Alliance struggle to defeat Darth Vader and the Empire, a new threat arises. Dark Prince Xizor, head of the Black Sun crime syndicate, aspires to take Darth Vader's place at the Emperor's side. To do that, he must eliminate young Skywalker. As Dash Rendar, it's up to you to protect Luke and help the Alliance defeat the evil Xizor. Watch out for infamous bounty hunters and deadly stormtroopers! May the Force be with you!
    • Storyline is set between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi!
    • Ten action-packed levels!
    • Several game modes!
    • Fly a snowspeeder in the Battle of Hoth, or ride a hovertrain through the junkyards of Ord Mantell!!
    • Game progress stored in memory

    Contributed by Joshua J. Slone (4675) on Jun 11, 2007. - Nintendo 64:
    As Luke Skywalker and the Rebel Alliance struggle to defeat Darth Vader and the Empire, a new threat arises. Dark Prince Xizor, head of the Black Sun crime syndicate, aspires to take Darth Vader's place at the Emperor's side. To do so, he hatches an evil plan to eliminate young Skywalker. As freelance adventurer Dash Rendar, it's up to you to protect Luke and help the Alliance thwart Xizor's deadly plot. Before reaching Black Sun HQ, you must tangle with the notorious Boba Fett, savage sarlaccs, deadly stormtroopers and merciless AT-STs!

    Crafted by the game gurus at LucasArts, Shadows of the Empire remains faithful to its Star Wars roots while venturing in bold new directions. Ten richly varied stages and four difficulty levels guarantee maximum replayability. Shadows boasts a fully digitized Star Wars soundtrack and jaw-dropping graphics that do full justice to the game's big-screen heritage.

    The action begins with a bang, with Dash and his faithful droid sidekick, Leebo, hurled into a ferocious dogfight with gigantic AT-ATs on the wintry planet of Hoth. Most of the later stages take an over-the-shoulder perspective as Dash stealthily escapes from Echo Base and rides railed scows rumbling through the Ord Mantell Junkyard. Dash must also battle TIE fighters in deep space and speed through the twisting back alleys of Mos Eisley on on a swoop bike.

    Packed with great graphics, great shooting action, great hidden items and great sound, Shadows of the Empire is the perfect game for anyone who's ever dreamed of being a Jedi knight. Be warned, though: on the advanced difficulty levels, it seems that the enemies never miss. By all means start this game on the Easy setting!

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65856) on Apr 28, 2005.

Advertisement in PC Games, December 1997 (German):



    Power Play 10/97 - 87%

    PC Power 11/97 - 92%

    PC Joker 11/97 - 87%

    PC Action 10/97 - 82%

    PC Player 11/97 - 4 von 5 Sternen

    Contributed by Xoleras (66829) on Feb 27, 2005.

LucasArts website - Windows/Nintendo 64:
    Enter Prince Xizor - sinister servant of the Dark Side. Lord of the Black Sun crime ring. Mastermind behind a brazen plot to assassinate Luke Skywalker. But you, as maverick mercenary Dash Rendar, have other plans. Stop Xizor. Protect Luke. Rescue Han Solo from the carbonite-cold clutches of Jabba the Hutt and Boba Fett. All with your blaster, brains and bravery. Will light emerge from the shadows? With your help, it can.

    • Coded specifically for the explosive graphics processing power of your 3D accelerator card. A Star Wars universe so detailed you can see the tow cable around an Imperial AT-AT.
    • A gripping new plotline, with new characters and environments...find out what happened between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.
    • FIVE gameplay modes - in a variety of vehicles and spacecraft - from the heavily armored Outrider, to snowspeeders, hovertrains, jet packs and speeder bikes.
    • Action-packed Star Wars locales - including Mos Eisley and the ice planet Hoth. New locales, like the sewers of Imperial City, Xizor's palace, Gall Spaceport and the dreaded junkyards of Ord Mantel.

    Contributed by Xoleras (66829) on Jul 26, 2004.

Press Release:
    Multiple Types of Game Play and an Immersive Storyline Create a Landmark Entertainment Experience

    REDMOND, Wash., December 4, 1996 -- Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire has arrived! The latest installment in the ultimate video game battle between the forces of good and evil will be seen only on Nintendo 64, the world's most powerful home video game system. Created for Nintendo by LucasArts Entertainment Company, the 96-megabit, one-player game is available at a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $79.95.

    Set in a time between the stories of the Star Wars films, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, this highly anticipated title features detailed graphics only capable on Nintendo 64; five different types of game play; 10 unique and vast levels spread throughout four storyline twists; intense Star Wars sound effects and music, including the classic John Williams soundtrack; secret game play elements; and new characters, vehicles and locales to the Star Wars saga.

    "The most powerful home video game system in the world now has the most powerful force in the universe to play on it," says Peter Main, Nintendo of America's executive vice president, sales and marketing. "The joint development effort between Nintendo and LucasArts makes Nintendo 64 the force to be reckoned with this holiday season: only Nintendo 64 owners will have exclusive access to the next installment of one of the world's most beloved stories."

    The Shadows of the Empire storyline follows the adventures of a new character -- Dash Rendar, a tough, roguish mercenary and friend of Han Solo. In addition to his efforts to help the Rebel Alliance against the Galactic Empire, his overall mission is to protect Luke Skywalker from the clutches of a new evil force in the universe, Dark Prince Xizor. Xizor is out to kill Skywalker so Darth Vader falls from the Emperor's grace, enabling Xizor to replace Vader as the right hand of the evil Emperor Palpatine.


    LucasArts Entertainment Company develops and publishes interactive entertainment software for a variety of computer and console platforms. Based in San Rafael, California, as well as on the internet at, LucasArts is one of four Lucas companies. Lucas Learning Ltd. develops and publishes educational multimedia for home and school. Lucas Digital Ltd., comprised of Industrial Light & Magic and Skywalker Sound, serves the needs of the entertainment industry for visual effects and audio post-production. Lucasfilm Ltd. includes George Lucas feature film and television activities, as well as THX and Lucasfilm Licensing.

    There are a variety of unique game play options available in 10 vast, beautifully rendered and detailed levels with multiple camera viewpoints for each level. They include a jet-pack adventure, interior maze battles, snowspeeder battles, space shooter levels, and a swoop chase through Mos Eisley. Just as Han Solo has the Millennium Falcon, Dash Rendar has the Outrider, a heavily armored, multi-purpose space ship.

    The battles will take place against some new and classic Star Wars enemies, such as AT-AT walkers, stormtroopers, TIE fighters, Star Destroyers, swoop riders, IG drones, train guards, the feared bounty hunter IG-88, and possibly the most notorious bounty hunter around, the infamous Boba Fett.

    The Nintendo 64 system is a product of the worldwide joint development and license agreement combining Nintendo's expertise in video game development with Silicon Graphics Inc.'s (NYSE:SGI) renowned visual computing technologies as used to create special effects in numerous blockbuster motion pictures. Developed in partnership with SGI, the revolutionary Nintendo 64 system launched in the U.S. on September 29, and has already sold more than 750,000 units to date, making it by far the fastest selling of all next generation video game systems.

    Contributed by skl (1142) on Feb 25, 2004.

LucasArts Company Store Catalog (Spring 1999):

    You're Dash Rendar and your mission is daunting. You must protect Luke Skywalker from assassination, break the Black Sun crime ring, thwart the Empire's plan for galactic domination and save Han Solo from Jabba the Hutt. There's action, combat and revenge galore in this fast-paced action game in high resolution 3D.

    • Immerse yourself in an all new story line set in the Star Wars universe
    • Push 3D to the max with crystal clear characters and environments, accelerated to warp speed
    • Test your skills with 10 vast levels challenging enough for novice and veteran gamers alike
    • Drive, fly and ski on snowspeeders, hovertrains, speeder bikes and the newly created Outrider
    • Live the action through familiar Star Wars locales, including Mos Eisley and the ice planet Hoth-five in all
    • Choose from five distinct modes including first person shooter and space combat simulation

    Contributed by Riamus (8520) on Nov 02, 2003.

LucasArts Company Store Catalogue (Winter 1999/2000):
    As Dash Rendar, it's up to you to protect Luke Skywalker and help the Alliance defeat the evil Xizor. Keep an eye out for deadly bounty hunters and stormtroopers--and may the Force be with you.

  • 10 vast levels to challenge novice and veteran gamers alike

  • Vehicles include snowspeeders, hovertrains, speeder bikes and the newly created Outrider

  • Five distinct modes of play including first person shooter and space combat simulation

    Contributed by MAT (182584) on May 26, 2001.