Super Smash Bros. Screenshots (Nintendo 64)

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Nintendo 64 version

Opening Cinematic
Start Screen
Title Screen
Select Your Character
Super Mario vs. Pikachu
Link Slashes Yoshi
Yoshi in the intro
Mario and Kirby in the intro
Accumulating points at the end of each battle
1st bonus stage - Break the targets - each set of targets is different for every character
Kirby fighting the Yoshi team
Mario vs Link screen
Pikachu after getting a hit from Yoshi
Pikachu using a thunder attack on Fox
Star Fox sending Link flying
Mario, Yoshi and Pikachu vs Giant D.K screen
Mario, Yoshi and Pikachu trying to beat Giant D.K.
2nd bonus stage - Board the platforms
Pikachu and Fox vs Mario Bros screen
Pikachu and Fox fighting the Mario Bros
Samus charging her weapon
3rd bonus stage - Race to the finish
Mario in a battle with Samus
Mario in Final Boss battle with the Master Hand