Superman (Nintendo 64)

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Written by  :  Matt Neuteboom (989)
Written on  :  Jun 29, 2005
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Worst game of all time

The Good

Almost nothing. It was very horrible.

The Bad

What DID I like about this game. This game is absolutely horrible. Once, many years after this game came out, I asked my friends what game we thought was the worst game ever made and they all replied Superman 64. And I agree. Now you might think we are really exaggerating, but it is truly the WORST game ever made. We are not joking don't even buy this game, even if your a huge superman fan. Do not ruin a birthday or christmas with this game because it is not worth it. HEED MY WARNING, DO NOT BUY!

The Bottom Line

Ok, first of all is its graphics are absolutely horrible. The city is not even a city. About every 5 min a large building will appear, and you can do nothing with it, only fly to the top. The city is a huge field of roads leading nowhere. There is no one walking anywhere, except when they a part of a mission (rarely). The powers are useless and boring, and cannot be used on anything because there is nothing to the game to use them on. There is no interactivity, because you can only stick to the missions or you fail and must retry. The controls are sloppy. And worst of all, the second level is completely unbeatable.