Tetrisphere Screenshots (Nintendo 64)

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Nintendo 64 version

Title screen
Wheels teaches you how to play
Place a piece on top of a matching piece to clear it
It's safe to place a piece if your cursor is lit like this
Blocks break up and explode when cleared from the sphere
An incorrectly placed piece makes you lose a heart
The glowing white parts of the sphere are the core, which you're aiming to reach
Dig deeper into the sphere to reach more of the core
The lit-up area will explode because I used magic
Lose all your hearts, and it's game over!
Puzzle mode requires you to clear the puzzle with a set amount of moves
Successfully clearing the puzzle will remove all the pieces
The bots have an idea for a game of hide and seek
Jak volunteers to be 'it' and find the other bots
The rules for "Multi" mode are explained
The aim here is to remove enough pieces from the core to uncover a picture
With the picture uncovered, the mission is complete
Here, you must activate the right drill to find the picture
Mission successfully accomplished!
This mode requires you to drop one of the bricks to the core
Tower requires you to dig away all the pieces around the black tower
Rules for Hide and Seek
When there's enough space at the core, your friend can be caught!
Found Rocket!
The magic causes bricks to explode
If the small flame is removed, you will earn a magic upgrade
Hurling sticks of dynamite at the sphere to remove many pieces
All the white 'L' blocks are about to be destroyed
Clearing away multiple blocks from the sphere
Fully uncovered the picture on the core