Tony Hawk's Pro Skater Credits

Nintendo 64 Team, Edge of Reality

Lead ProgrammerDrew Fisher
Art DirectorBryan Pritchard
At StaffDavid P. Kubalak
Programming StaffMike Panoff, Evan Bell, Robert Cohen, James Daly III

Published By: Activision Inc.

Executive ProducerDavid Stohl
ProducerChris Archer
Associate ProducerBrian Bright
Music EditorBrian Bright
Production TesterChad Bordwell
In‑Game Sound FXTommy Tallarico Studios, Joey Kuras

Activision Studios

Exec. VP Worldwide StudiosMitch Lasky
Senior VP StudiosStephen Crane

Activision Marketing, P.R.

Director of MarketingWill Kassoy
Associate Brand ManagerSerene Chan
Publicity ManagerJulia Roether
PublicistRyh-Ming C. Poon

Activision UK

Sr. V.P. InternationalBob Dewar
Sales DirectorJohn Burns
UK Product ManagerMatti Kuorehjarvi
Localization SupervisorNathalie Ranson

Creative Services: Ignited Minds LLC

CopywriterLori Ellison
Package DesignErik Jensen
Manual and LayoutBelinda M. Van Sickle

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