Top Gear Rally (Nintendo 64)

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100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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Top Gear Rally Credits

Boss Game Studios Team

Lead ProgrammerBrian Fehdrau
Lead ArtistBrian Sostrom
Track ArtworkBrian Sostrom, Gabriel García, John Buffler, Ken Ray
Car ArtworkGabriel García, Ken Ray, Lynwood Montgomery
Interface ArtworkLynwood Montgomery
Interface ProgrammersBrian Fehdrau, Richard Le
Paint Shop ProgrammerRichard Le
Technical DirectorRob Povey
Art DirectorMartin Sawkins
Audio DirectorBarry Leitch
TestingMarc Nagel, James Ray
VP of DevelopmentColin Gordon
President, Boss Game StudiosMartin Rae
Boss Support StaffShay Chesley, Linda Geffen, Dave Sheffels, Kimberly Little, Mark Walling, Kristina Worley
Special ThanksJohn McCaw, Stan McCammon, Geoff Berkin, Oliver Miyashita, Karen Knight, Laurie Thornton Neff

Kemco Japan

Designer and DirectorAkihiro Sano (Mr. Sano), Aki Yoshino (Mr. Yoshino)
Executive ProducerSeiichiro Okuhara (Mr. Okuhara)

Kemco America

Executive ProducerOliver Miyashita
Special ThanksTakeshi Matsuo, Matt Guss Advertising, Midway Creative Services, Brian Johnson, Peter Chang, Ben Larkin

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Credits for this game were contributed by Beefy (248) and ElFuturÉsBrillant (25490)