Turok: Rage Wars Credits (Nintendo 64)

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Turok: Rage Wars Credits

Rage Wars Team

Project ManagerMark Pacini
Lead ProgrammerFrancisco Javier Lafuente
Lead ArtistMichael Daubert
DesignJason Behr, Neill Glancy, Michael Huey, Jeff J. Shelton
ProgrammingBruce Cooner, James Cowlishaw, Matthew Kyle, Paul Masters
Digital ProductionsMichael Fong, Trevor Lemoine, Marc Mackin, Robbie Miller, Robert Wilsher, Robert Whitaker


Additional ArtScott Brocker, Peter Franco, Alex Omlansky, Ryan Tracy, Digital Imaging Group
Additional ProgrammingStephen Broumley, Stevan Hird, Andy O'Neil, David Smith, Brian Watson
Additional DesignDavid Dienstbier, Bey Bickerton
Sound DesignDarren Mitchell, Marc Schaefgen, John Henke

Austin QA

QA ManagerTodd Dowd
Project LeadRuss Brewer
TestersJeremy Arntson, Chris Kendall, Mark Richards, Brandon Rowlett, Jim Strong, Shane Tate, Justin Withers

Character Voices

TurokTravis Davis
AdonBernadette Nason
PurlinTodd Lowe
SyraJessica Robertson
Fireborn / DinosoidsDavid Krause
CampaignerDavid Dienstbier
Oblivion / GuardianJose Brown
BastilleDoug Forrest
Tal SetTitos Menchaca
Lord Of The DeadMarc Schaefgen

Acclaim Studio Austin Directors

GM of Acclaim Studios AustinRussell Byrd
Technical DirectorStephen Broumley
Director of Product DevelopmentMalcolm Crummack
Creative DirectorDavid Dienstbier
Audio ManagerDarren Mitchell
Director of Digital ProductionsAlan D. Johnson

Global Directors

VP of Product DevelopmentNigel Cook
VP of Digital ProductionsCyrus Lum
VP of TechnologyCraig Galley
Executive VP of Acclaim StudiosDarrin Stubbington

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Credits for this game were contributed by Amparo (277)