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Turok: Rage Wars (Nintendo 64)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

User Reviews

Behold the crap that is Rage Wars Ben Fahy (73) unrated

Our Users Say

Category Description MobyScore
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.5
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.7
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.6
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.4
Overall MobyScore (11 votes) 3.6

The Press Says

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Super Play
Alltså är Turok: Rage Wars i alla avseenden en äkta flerspelartitel, även när bara en person spelar det. Och därför är det det allra bästa Turok-spelet hittills.
Because of Turok's history of framerate problems, this is the first thing we went after when we played it. After we found nothing to be worried about in the one, two or three player modes, the slight chop in the four player game was almost a relief. This game is fun if you like getting together with friends for a straight up smack talking session over a deathmatch or two. Nothing gets in the way of this. Not the sound, not the graphics and not the lack of a "true" quest mode. The point of the game is to shoot and kill the enemies and I've had a blast playing it. The one player modes get you ready for the multiplayer games which is where this game is meant to shine. Don't expect more from this game that what it is intended to be. All you have to figure out is where the trigger is, how to use the second function and the intricacies of the Turok-style control and you're on your way to a sure fire kick ass multiplayer experience.
games xtreme
This is one of the best N64 Multi-player titles available and is must to any N64 fan of the multi-player element of GoldenEye. If you're looking for something to play by yourself on Christmas morning, then I'm afraid this isn't for you. The AI could have been a bit better, but works just fine anyway. My advice, get an N64, four pads, four pals and fire up a death-match, you'll not soon regret it.
Turok : Rage Wars est un jeu vraiment excellent, aucquel on pourrait simplement reprocher un manque de rythme en solo. A côté de ça, la réalisation est redoutable, la jouabilité vraiment bien sentie et la richesse des décors et des items à collecter (armes comprises) étonnante ! Si vous aimez le deathmatch et que vous voulez imiter les joueurs PC, foncez sur ce jeu.
Gaming Age
A considerably better effort than the previous Turok games, Rage Wars is one of those that you should definitely pick up if you have friends interested in first person shooters and multiplayer fun, but ignore if you're more into the single player experience.
Total! (Germany)
Wenn das alles bisher auch sehr positiv klingen mag, hat es doch einen Haken. So viel Spaß Turok: Legenden des verlorenen Landes im Mehrspieler-Modus mit Freunden bringt, so eintönig und wenig unterhaltsam ist das Solospiel. Das Freispielen neuer Charaktere bietet zwar für einige Zeit einen Anreiz, bereitet aber zu zweit wesentlich mehr Vergnügen. Ach die aktivierbaren computergesteuerten Bots können menschliche Gegner nicht ersetzen. Zum einen fehlt es ihnen an der nötigen Intelligenz – so schlagen sie zum Beispiel fünf Meter vor euch stehend wie bekloppt mit dem Kampfhammer auf euch ein, ohne auch nur einmal zu treffen -, zum anderen fehlt der Gehässigkeitsfaktor. So richtet sich Turok: Legenden des verlorenen Landes in erster Linie an alle, die des Öfteren mit Freunden spielen.
Game industry News (GiN)
With all that said, Turok: Rage Wars is a must buy for anyone who follows the Turok series. You'll have no problem picking up the controls as everything will feel familiar to the vets. Even if you're playing for the first time, with just a little practice you can hone your skills with little difficulty. Rage Wars is everything you need to satisfy your trigger-happiness and blood hungry thirsts. I give this game 4 GIN Gems. So move out and get it!
Game Critics
Yet even with the capable production values and all the variations of different modes, devoted multiplayer games like Rage Wars rarely get too deep as far as gameplay goes. Its the streamlined simplicity of the design coupled with the boundless online population that really gave games like Quake II its 'take on the world' competitive appeal. Take away the epic battles with dozens of combatants around the world simultaneous going to war and you're left with a four-player multiplayer that's decent, but gets old fairly dull after extensive play and lacking that sportsmanlike spirit. So unless you plan to organize your own little league of friends for an all-out season of carnage, expect to tire of Rage Wars after some prolonged play because the one-player modes are tedious and the multiplayer modes just aren't enough.
Nintendo Power Magazine
The weapons are great and the gore is airborne, but the one-player game misses its mark.
Player One
Toutes les qualités de Turok ont été reprises, exceptée l'originalité. Heureusement, les divers modes multi-joueurs relancent un peu l'intérêt.
Adrenaline Vault, The (AVault)
In many respects, Turok: Rage Wars is the Quake 3: Arena of the Nintendo 64. There’s tons of weapons to play with, unlimited fun to be had in the multiplayer modes, and an unmistakably average single-player mode tacked on just for the hell of it. For those flying solo, Turok: Rage Wars is worth a look, but it’s a must-buy for the multiplayer fanatics.
Zdecydowanie polecam Turok Rage Wars osobom wyposażonym w więcej niż jeden pad. Ta gra jest stworzona do rywalizacji międzyludzkiej. Jedynym minusem tej gry jest to, że wymaga Controller Pak'a i należy (zawsze) zapisywać swoje osiągnięcia. Ewentualnie minusem może być to, że o fabule z samej gry nic się nie dowiemy. Ale kto tam na to patrzy, do boju Turok!
Nintendo Life
While Rage Wars' selection of gameplay modes might seem a little sparse in comparison to the likes of GoldenEye 007 and Perfect Dark, its tight controls, well designed arenas, array of fantastical weaponry and scope for first person mischief all add up to a N64 multiplayer game that can proudly hold its head high alongside those titles. Unlike Rare's titles however, you won't get a lot out of it unless you're able to make playing with friends a regular event. If you have three like-minded, equally matched peers willing to join you, then Turok: Rage Wars is multiplayer heaven and worth digging out or purchasing an N64 for.
There is some fun to be had with Turok: Rage Wars. It has plenty of maps, lots of modes, and enough hidden stuff to keep you playing for quite some time, provided you can stay interested in the game for more than three days. But given the game's slow speed and the general lack of intelligent computer opponents, you're really better off sticking with another first-person shooter. GoldenEye 007 comes to mind, of course, as does Quake II. Both are still very good at putting together an enjoyable four-player experience, as well as providing a meaningful single-player mode.
A multiplayer Turok 2 spin-off with nicer graphics and neater boards, but it somehow falls short in terms of fun factor.