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Wayne Gretzky's 3D Hockey (Nintendo 64)

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Wayne Gretzky's 3D Hockey Credits

Midway Home Entertainment

VP Product DevelopmentBill Hindorff
Senior ProducerWallace Poulter
ProducerHoward Lehr
Gretzky '98 Game DesignWallace Poulter
Assistant Game DesignDavid Ortiz
Product AnalystDavid Ortiz, Randy Slafsky
European LiaisonStephen Wahid
Test ManagerMike Kruse
Test LeadsTrenton Lewis, Pablo Buitrago
TestersJose Ampran, Alexander Beran, Cecil Carthen Jr., Charles Ybarra, Kevin Dines, Donald Gavino, Scott Cavicchi, Jerry Cruz, Larry Cadelina, Jesse Meza II, Michael D. Harris, Mario Guevara
Print Design & ProductionDebra Austin, Shawn Murphy, John Mongelluzzo, Erin Shems, Robert Shepherd, Dave Young
Special ThanksBrian Fritts, Howard Lehr, Robert V. Daly, Debra Heinz, Steven Bennetts, Deborah K. Fulton, Michael Barnett, Bruce Bennett, Ted Saskin, Mike Ouellet, NHLPA, Ilene Kent, Catherine Mary O'Brien, NHL
Very Special ThanksWayne Gretzky

Software Creations

Executive ProducersMichael Webb, Paul Hibbard-Teall
Senior ProducerJames Tripp
ProducerDavid McLachlan
Senior ProgrammerAllan Findlay
ProgrammerPaul Gill
Senior ArtistJim Bottomley
ArtistsGavin Eagleton, Andrew R. Threlfall
Senior TesterPaul Lee
TestersChris Brooks, Craig Dobson, Tony McColgan

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