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WCW Mayhem (Nintendo 64)

WCW Mayhem Nintendo 64 The Intro Screen


100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

WCW Mayhem Credits

Electronic Arts - Production

Executive ProducerSteven Rechtschaffner
Senior ProducerChuck Osieja
Associate ProducerGary Lam
Senior Production CoordinationWendell Harlow
Assistant ProducersKirby Leung, Wu Lee, Andy Agostini
Senior Development DirectorBrian Deppiesse
Development DirectorMathew Levenson

Electronic Arts - Development

Audio LeadOmar Al-Khafaji
Sound ArtistsTim McKenzie, Gordon Durity
Additional Sound SupportRon Cole
In‑Game Voice TalentBobby Heenan ("The Brain"), Gene Okerlund ("Mean"), Tony Schiavone
Video Editor/CompositorThomas Raycove
Computer Graphic ArtistsDejan Stanislavjevic, Peter Milacic, Aleksandar Djuric
Software EngineersDaniel Brady, Mike Rayner, Erik T. Kiss, Yossarian King

Kodiak Interactive Software Studios

PresidentGeorge Metos
CEOGeorge Metos
Executive V.P.Jonathan Slager
C.O.O.Jonathan Slager
V.P. Product DevelopmentJon Dean
Director of TechnologyMichael Lampell
Product DirectorRichard Reagan


Lead Software EngineerDavid Lang
Software EngineersTom Carbone, David Clayton, John Goode, Randy Platt, Tracy Platt, Chris Sehy, Mike Spendlove
Sound ProgrammingChris Braymen
Assisted byTyler Socwell


Senior Art DirectorBrad Pollard
Assistant Art DirectorDana MacKenzie
Lead AnimatorStacey Moore
AnimatorsDustin Hansen, Danny Keys, John Lindemuth, Paul Mombourquette, David Plunkett, Fraser Sunderland, Mike Ulrich, Donald Waller
Lead ModelerBrian Salisbury
3D ModelsTom Angus, Matthew Armstrong, Leslie Carrera, Tommy Hudson, Kelly Koefed, Nolan Nelson, Lee Phung, Mary Scriven
3D TexturesTom Angus, Matthew Armstrong, Leslie Carrera, Tommy Hudson, Kelly Koefed, Nolan Nelson, Lee Phung, Mary Scriven
Front‑End LeadMichael Thompson
Motion CaptureJason Danahy, Kevin Snider

Quality Assurance

Lead TesterMara'D Smith
TestersBrian Decaria, Jeremy Thomas, Rod Green, Dan Ivory, Eric Kunkel, David Sabour
Technical SupportLee Smith
Administrative SupportKelly Halliday, Monique Mezo

EA Motion Capture Studio

Manager, Motion Capture StudioDavid Pierce
Senior Motion Capture SpecialistDavid Coleman
Motion Capture Shoot SupervisorMichael Paul
Motion Capture SpecialistsDaven Coburn, Andrea Donnelly, Anne Geiger, Eli Masi, Vincent Ng
Motion Capture OperatorsColin de Jose, Daniel Eayres, Elliot Feller, Gordon Waddington, Ryan Wall
Motion Capture TalentBam Bam Bigelow, Bobby Blaze, DeWayne Bruce ("Sarge"), Bobby Eaton ("Beautiful"), Bill Goldberg, Konnan , Lash LeRoux, Lizmark Jr.
Technical AdvisorsTed DiBiase, Paul Orndorff

EA Quality Assurance

Project ManagerLisa Harrison
Lead TesterJohn Johnson
TestersEarl Berkeley, Jamey Brewster, Greg Chan-Eather, Anthony Chou, Cindy Currie, Tim Dale, Jason DeLong, Vladimir Dimitrijevic, Jonathan Dowdeswell, Jeremy Ferguson, Mike Gascoigne, Ryan Greenhow, John Harley, Octavio Izaurralde, Mike Kelly, Thomas Kennedy, Willie Loh, Benson Nair, Avinash Narayan, Peter Pearson, Bill Person, Mark Peters, Shaugn Robbins, Kyle Seller, Richard Seto, Carvy Spindler, Evan Stanfield, Jim Steel, Kevin Towler, Duane Wadman
MasteringCary Chao, Peter Petkov
Technical SupportColin Cox

Special Thanks

EA Tools & LibrariesJames Fairweather, David Mercier, Ted Sylka
EA MarketingChris Lindner, Dean Elissat
EA Public RelationsAnne Marie Stein, Jeane Wong
EA Internet Marketing ManagerScott Zimbler
WCWCasey Collins, Michael Weber, Lisa Sturgis, Chelsea Reeves, Jimmy Hart ("The Mouth of the South"), Bret Hart ("The Hitman"), Sting , Diamond Dallas Page, Doug Dellinger, Sonny Onoo, Scott Dunn, Diane Keith, Dan Carlton, Ross Forman, Scott Cunningham, Kimber Ware
Miscellaneous Debts of GratitudeCarlin West, Janna Silverglade, Sam Nelson, Paulette Doudell, Geoff Coates, Mary Snow, Ellis Edwards, Shale Lachter, Howard Helm, Bill Morrison, Frank Gibeau, Larry Probst III, Jason Leigh, Evan Hirsch, Pauline Moller, Shelby Hubick, Lisha Houng-Lee, Matthew Derksen, Beverly Koeckeritz

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Credits for this game were contributed by Evil Ryu (53674)