Written by  :  Lawnmower Man (145)
Written on  :  May 27, 2009
Platform  :  Nintendo 64
Rating  :  1.33 Stars1.33 Stars1.33 Stars1.33 Stars1.33 Stars

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Here comes the Pain

The Good

WWF Attitude features some of the better create a wrestler options in wrestling games for its time. You can edit your wrestler to a lot of aspects and can even choose their entrance music. Players can also set up their own Pay-Per-View wrestling event and even edit the arenas, right down to the color of the ring ropes.

The roster for the game is relatively generous and offers some decent selections. Players can choose WWF Favorites like Stone Cold, Mankind, The Rock, and all the other big names from the day.

The Bad

For all its nifty bells and whistles, WWF Attitude is the equivalent of taking a folding chair to the noggin. The game is an absolute nightmare to control, thanks to Acclaim's wacky control scheme that makes the game much harder to play. Though the controls can be reassigned to reflect the THQ WCW wrestling titles, the game is still terrible thanks to a delay between pressing the button and the action happening on screen.

Said delay can be as long as one second, almost an eternity for a game. And when it comes to wrestling games, any delay in control is unacceptable and frustrating. The delayed gameplay and obtuse control scheme make winning effectively impossible.

The Bottom Line

WWF Attitude offers a lethal dosage of pain and misery by combining delayed controls with a truly awful control scheme and some down right ugly graphics. Considering how its predecessor, WWF War Zone, is more fun to play, the game seems like a big step backwards and is nothing short of a pure failure.

On a sadder note, this game serves as a tribute to the late wrestling legend Owen Hart, and after playing this game, most will only shake their head in misery and ask a simple but answerable question, "Why?".