Advertising Blurbs
    A fighting game based on the world famous TV series. Play and fight as Xena or any of 10 other characters. Each one has their own weapons, attacks and battle cries which will take you right into the heart of the action of your favorite TV show. Fight for the right to reclaim the Talisman of Fate come face to face with the monstruous Despair. The music, sound effects, camera movements and angles will immerse you even deeper into the fantastic and mythological world of Xena : Warrior Princess.

    Xena, Warrior Princess – The Talisman of Fate

  • 11 characters, with their own weapons, attacks and quotes!!!
  • 4 different modes of play :
  • From 1 to 4 players.
  • Create team and make alliances in Roster mode!!!

  • Contributed by Jeanne (76590) on Sep 17, 2007.

Back of Box - N64 (US):
    Xena shall choose the defenders of the world. We have seen them in the memories of her exploits. So come together, Earth's greatest heroes and villains. Choose your weapons wisely and let the battles begin. Just remember, each victory only brings you closer to challenging the embodiment of darkness... Despair himself.
    • Just like the show, each of Xena's 10 characters possess their own unique weapons, attitudes and fighting techniques.
    • Exclusive multiplayer feature includes a roster mode, plus team and single battles.
    • Pit 4 fighters against each other simultaneously.

    Contributed by Joshua J. Slone (4675) on Jun 13, 2007.