Xena: Warrior Princess - The Talisman of Fate Screenshots (Nintendo 64)

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Nintendo 64 version

Title screen.
Main menu
Xena's introduction
Autolycus prepares to throw a dagger at Xena
Despair has Gabrielle by the head
Team battle: two Ephinys vs. two Velascas
Ares' introduction
Callisto vs. Ares
Callisto uses her hellfire move on Ares
Three-player battle. Ares just knocked out Lao Ma while Joxer waits for his opening.
Joxer's celebration pose
Lao Ma wins!
Two Gabrielles team up on Despair, who is wearing his secret bunny costume
The Gabrielle team is victorious
Hot Xena-on-Xena four-way action
Hail Caesar!
Velasca throws a lightning ball at Autolycus
Autolycus swings Velasca around for a hammer throw
Callisto's second costume
The start of a three-way battle, Ephiny vs. Xena vs. Caesar
They're both losers!
The secret no-texture mode
Velasca throws her double with a tornado
The second Velasca wins
Despair knocks Lao Ma out of the air and hits Joxer 2 with his boulder throw. You can see Joxer 1 running up the wall in the background.
Despair and Ephiny: That's one alliance you wouldn't see on the show.