nail'd Screenshots

Windows version

Loading screen show some statistics and tips.
Main menu.
Soon, Danny gonna eat my dust.
You better to jump over the train.
Yay, I'm first!
Vehicle customisation.
Accomplishments collection.
Oh, hi there!
Prepare to land.
In nail'd player will face many hairpins.
Each crash puts penalty (red) on tricks score.
I can see my home from here!
Do you want a flying bike?
This game has achievements too.
Getting high score is much harder than just to finish first.
You will rider over that crashed plane.
Some crazy turn.
And another.
With nitro ON it's harder to steer.
It's fun to enter corners.
Stop right there, you criminal plane!
You shall not pass.
That was the last time I saw other guy. Had to choose hardcore difficulty.
those bikes are capable of vertical wall riding. Right under the ceiling.
Here you can perform another jump right after the landing.
Bad race never starts with 100 meters jump.
If you'll manage to get through burning ring, nitro will be added.
Cardboard buildings? Then, I'm a stuntman!
It's busy in air - balloons, planes, bikes.
I've already flew for 3 second and there are more. Incredible!
The tournament net.
Wow, those blades are really dangerous.
Sometimes, the dirt will be all over the screen.
Hey, where are tourists? Who's gonna watch my stunts?
During one lap races you can't allow anyone to overcome your position, the risks of lose are too high.
Bullseye! Right through ring.
Downhill slalom in forest.
Roof patches? Seems like there were a lot of unfortunate drivers.
Driver customisation.
Creating custom tournament.
I believe quad can fly
One bike is faster than me... Only in this moment!
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