NAM-1975 Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title Screen.
Start shooting.
Tank in the background.
Take out the helicopter.
Soldiers on a boat.
Soldiers jumping out of the water.
Big guy in the corner.
More soldiers to shoot.
You will die!
Before destroy the big plane
Second Final Boss
If you save the girl, she will help you
The lady in blue, rescue her
He was going to talk, but...
The "blue" plane
Be careful with the old man in a wheelchair... He is the final boss. Look at the girls in blue...
Final Boss
The End
Game Over (If you lose in the last stage)
She looked like a hostage...

Neo Geo version

How to Play
The Map
Stage 1
Big Boss
Stage 2
Destroy the tanks
Using a flamethrower
Stage 3
Big Bosses
Stage 4
That man is parachuting down to safety
Burnt alive by the boss
Stage 5
What does that sign say in English?
Stage 6
Just another way to die
That's a big plane
"Let the girl go. She has nothing to do with this."
Say hello to Dr. Muckly
Like father, like daughter
Dr. Muckly at his meanest
Game Over