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Browser version

Title screen, with continue
Welcome to Namco High
Meet "Cousin"
Welcome to detention, with principal Dig Dug and King
Time to make friends...
Your full list of options
Some nuts are harder to crack than others conversationally...
Davesprite has genre-awareness
He looks scary...
Some characters practically throw themselves at you
You can talk to as many people as you want, but eventually you want to stop
Time for after-school activities!
Every character has a different activity they prefer
If you join the Drama Club, maybe you can romance Galaga...
Galaga is quite an actor
Taira is hurt
Davesprite is still overly self-aware of how this game works
Unfortunately, you can't go any further without forking over a bit of dough for this character
Time to spend more time with Galaga
The characters do occasionally interact with each other
If you haven't talked or spent time with a character, after a certain point they blow you off
Time to make your move...
Dramatic gesture!
Galaga's parents are... human?
It's time to save Pac-Man!
It's all up to you!
It might be good to team up with your would-be paramour...
Evil Namco High