NARC Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Das Lof Gang
The Junkyard
"You're busted!"
"OK, man! I give up!"
Evidence Bonus
Dr. Spike Rush
Ludicrous Gibs
Drug Lab
Joe Rockhead
K.R.A.K. chopper
Kinky Pinky
"Hey, clown, release that girl at once
Sgt. Skyhigh
Peace be with you...NOT!
Someone's been naughty planting cannibis
HQ Posse
K.R.A.K. Headquarters
Mr. Big
Gee, this Mr. Big character looks scary
Mr. Big has transformed himself into a skull
Gold! Gold! Gold!

Amstrad CPC version

The Crime Computer
The junkyard
Blown an enemy away
In the red
Dead on the street
"You're busted!"
The arrow is telling you to go through the door
The pipeline
You need to pick up keycards like this one to complete the level
"Get off, mutt"
There's the exit
Insert keycard here
Your statistics
Krak Street
Krak Stop
The Bridge
Sunset Strip
Er, which door should I enter?
Skyhook's Nursery
The Greenhouse
Gold Sector
Say hello to Mr. Big
Mr. Big's Revenge

Arcade version

High score screen
Title screen
First mission
On the street
Shoot criminals
Metro station
Take rockets
Little BOOM!
Syringe in leg
Purple guys
Helicopter fight
Bad guy explodes
Angry dogs
Ugly type
Ride in car
Road rampage
These muscular bastards can lift and toss dumpsters
Just killed a dog. Er, I mean, somehow shrunk a dog by shooting it.

Atari ST version

Loading screen.
Arrest him.
Let's go.
Attacked from all angles.

Commodore 64 version

Das Lof Gang
The Junkyard
"You're busted!"
An arrow telling you to go through the door
The Subway
Evidence Bonus
Dr. Spike Rush
K.R.A.K. Street
K.R.A.K. chopper
Drug Lab
Dumpster Man
"Ok, man! I give up!"
Ludicrous Gibs
Two blue men and a car
Kinky Pinky
Hey, porno videos
"We're in the money"
Sgt. Skyhigh
Peace be with you...NOT!
Someone's been naughty planting cannibis here
HQ Posse
Hotel Le Snob. I heard that they provide great service
Mr. Big
That guy in the wheelchair can get around...
And he thinks he is Superman all of a sudden?
Gee, this Mr. Big character has such a big head
Mr. Big has turned himself into a skull
Gold! Gold! Gold
Name Entry

NES version

Title Screen
Target #1
3 baddies
Score Tabulation
Car Ride
Are they firing giant hypos at me?
Busted Again
The Lab
Dog join in
High Scores
Typical street shooting
Fast escape
I hate dogs!
Shoot from edge of screen
Helicopter's battle
Man in black

ZX Spectrum version

The Loading Screen.
The computer shows you information on the pushers.
These baddies are the first of many you will encounter throughout the game.
You can enter these doors with arrows above the door.
Inside the train station more dealers await.
Using the rocket launcher results in a shower of body parts.
With the red card in your possession you can exit the first level.
The end of level statistics screen.
Level 2 sees you fighting through another street.
Entering the crack den.
Inside the crack den there is lots of contraband to confiscate.
Fighting enemies on the bridge.
Whilst in the Porsche you need to avoid the bins scattered along the road.
Another nutter that needs taking down.
Outside a Marijuana growing greenhouse.
Inside the greenhouse which doesn't really have that much weed growing for the size of the place.
The big boss man is within your grasp.
The boss in his tank like chair.
After a lot of shots the bosses flesh falls off but he still keeps on going.
The boss is destroyed after a lot of hard work.
Collect the boss' gold bar for more points.