NARC Screenshots

User Screenshots

Xbox version

Jack on patrol.
Grab perps and tap Y to fill the meter.
Then hit A in the clear zone to cuff them.
You can yank guns away from criminals that pull them out.
Don't forget to collect whatever an arrested guy drops.
Fill up your arrest meter (through fighting) to gain an instant "super-arrest"
Drop drugs off at the station for badge points.
Or sell the drugs to civilians for cash.
Buy drugs from local pushers.
Flash your badge to stop criminals in the act.
Do too many illegal actions and you'll be busted down to patrolman.
Take it too far and you're out of a job.
Crowded alleyway shows some civilian models.
You can use all the drugs you buy or steal.
Grass slows the world down.
LSD gives criminals devil heads and innocents jester heads.
Effects wear off sooner for repeated use, and addiction sets in.
Find hidden packages to unlock the original NARC arcade game.