Nation Red Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

The Title Screen and main menu -- check out that handsome fella.
One of the many game mode menus.
A tutorial mode will teach you the basics of the game.
If a zombie gets too close, kick it in the face!
Different stages will set you up in various locales, and sometimes you'll be fighting in the dark.
Some zombies will drop power ups when they die.
Slay enough of the undead and you'll gain a level, which gives you access to cool new abilities!
Sometimes new weapons will drop as well. Grab that Minigun, soldier!
Load up some incendiary rounds and start your own zombie bonfire!
Grenades will detonate an explosion on the spot that you stand in, scattering any enemies nearby.
Double experience power ups will...well, double your experience.
You have four classes to choose from, each with their own stats and preferred weapons.
One of the missions: clear out the gas station!
Back zombies, back!
Pick up the Sentry Gun power up for an automated turret that'll take out enemies for you.
What self-respecting zombie game is complete without a flame thrower?
Looks like you survive this one...
Check out your achievements.
Kill enough undead and unlock enough achievements and you'll rank up your profile.