NBA Hang Time Screenshots

User Screenshots

Genesis version

Title screen
Main menu
Second main menu
Create a player-screen
Choose a team to play as.
Options screen
Tonight's matchup
The tip off
About to score.
The score appears after every basket.
About to do a slam dunk.
coaching tips appear after the 1st and 3rd quarter
Halftime stats
you can make substitutions at the half
going past the top of the screen with the basketball
End Game Stats
the score is broken down by each quarter
Game Over

SNES version

Copyright notice
Title screen
Main menu
Choose a team and players.
Bulls vs. Grizzlies
Tip off!
The game focuses on action-loaded dunks.
You control the guy with the green boots.
Tied game
Play on tarmac, too.
Attempt to shoot a 3-pointer.
Everybody wants to get a piece of it.