NBA in the Zone '99

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Nintendo 64

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Nintendo 64Consoles Plus
NBA Pro 99 est donc plutôt proche du 98, on s'en doutait, les équipes ont été réactualisées et les fans de la série trouvera bien une ou deux nouvelles options. Les animations des joueurs bénéficient de Motion Capture et le système des passes a été développé. Une compétition de tirs à trois points est désormais accessible.
As I said, NBA Live 99 is the more complete basketball game, but Konami's latest offering is a great game of its own. And it's great to get envious looks from the IGN64 guys, the PlayStation game is always the better version. This year's game is, again, a baby-step in improvements, so if you're comfortable with the ITZ gameplay, you're going to find yourself as comfortable with In the Zone '99. Personally, I'd rather slip in Live, but this is a good alternative.
PlayStationMega Fun
Obwohl Konamis virtuelle Ballzauberer den Spieler bereits ordentlich unterhalten, muss sich der Konzern dem Sport-Know-how von EA geschlagen geben. Hauptmanko ist mangelnde Dynamik im Spiel. Die langen Kerle schleichen derart langsam über den Court, dass man sie am liebsten anschieben mochte. Außerdem ahndet der pingelige Schied die meisten Steal-Bemühungen mit einem Foul, so dass die Möglichkeiten in der Defensive recht beschränkt sind. Nun aber genug gemeckert: Wer auf einen hohen Simulationsanspruch steht, wird sehr gut bedient, zumal die CPU-Teams nur schwer in die Schranken zuweisen sind, Die detailverliebten Animationen sind außerdem erstklassig.
Nintendo 64Nintendo Power Magazine
Overall, the game is fairly realistic and fun but challenging. The 3-point contest is a disappointment, and the replay idea wasn't done very well. I liked some of the moves a lot, but I'd like better control of play selection. The rosters don't reflect the post lockout feeding frenzy.
Voilà un jeu qui avait tous les atouts pour devenir une référence sur la Nintendo. Bonne ambiance, licence NBA, fluide et tout et tout. Résultat des courses, un jeu avec beaucoup trop de défauts de gameplay. D'autres jeux de basket sont bien mieux sur le support.
Nintendo 64IGN
In The Zone '99 is indeed an improvement over the 1998 version , but on its own it's still a mediocre basketball simulator. Konami did throw in a few gimmicks like a surprisingly entertaining three-point shootout mode and a create-a-player feature that allows you to control every detail down to location of wristbands and knee braces and hi vs. low socks. But inaccuracies like Scottie Pippen still playing for the Bulls [he never suited up for them in 1999] and Glen Rice still on the Hornets [He's wearing a Lakers uniform on the box art for crying out loud!!!] leave you scratching your head. But perhaps the most outstanding inconsistency is between the regular gameplay and the automatic replay mode after big plays. For lack of a better phrase it's like looking at two different games. The replay runs in hi-res and looks as good as Courtside. It only last for 4 seconds but it is disappointing to go back to regular game play with its choppy edges.
Nintendo 64Total! (Germany)
Wer also auf der Suche nach einem guten Basketball-Spiel für sein N64 ist, sollte sich für Kobe Bryant in NBA Courtside oder NBA Live 99 entscheiden, die alle notwendigen Features enthalten und zudem von der Steuerung und Grafik her wesentlich besser gelungen sind als NBA Pro 99.
Nintendo 64GameSpot
In the Zone '99 can deliver fun gameplay, especially with multiplayer games and three-point shooting contests, if gamers accept its defensive AI and speed flaws. Since its gameplay style encourages flashy dunks and burn-your-defender drives, it may also be in tune with players looking for less strategy and more action. Still, many aspects of its game need work during the off-season before it can reach its true potential.
If players are willing to forgive its various AI flaws, NBA In the Zone '99 may have some multiplayer value. But with so many smarter, better-playing NBA video games available for the PlayStation, it's hard to recommend this one, no matter how good it may look.