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    NBA Jam 2004 rings the "rim-rocking" highlights of NBA play to life with over-the-top game play and arcade-style three-on-three basketball. Featuring spectacular high-flying dunks for gamers of all ages! Game includes all 29 NBA teams, players, and current and retro arenas. Play exciting game modes, including Exhibition, NBA Jam Tournament, and NBA Legends Tournament. Listen to commentary, and buy gear at the NBA Jam Store.

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    The granddaddy of basketball games makes a long overdue but triumphant return to our screens

    Long before the NBA Street games (or the EA Sports BIG label, for that matter) were even conceived, there was only one name that mattered in console basketball gaming: NBA Jam. Rebuilt from scratch for PlayStation 2, NBA Jam brings Acclaim's classic 3-on-3 arcade 'baller bang up to date while retaining the frantic gameplay and over-the-top moves for which the series is so well loved.

    As you'd expect, all 29 current NBA teams, players and arenas are present and correct, but they're supplemented by a number of outdoor courts and classic arenas of yesteryear. Additionally, the NBA Legends Tournament mode lets you put some of the greatest players of the last 50 years through their enormous strides, including Magic Johnson, Julius Irving, Larry Bird and more. There's even era-specific music, uniforms, hairstyles, commentary and moves included for maximum nostalgic effect.

    The finely tuned, fast and furious NBA Jam gameplay includes many of the series' trademark features, including "On fire" (for when your players are 'in the zone') and the eternally entertaining "Big Head" mode.

    • Classic b-balling action; high-flying dunks, big blocks and lightning quick plays

    • All 29 current NBA teams, players and arenas, plus a host of NBA Legends and hidden characters to unlock

    • Create-A-Player - build your own 'baller and take them out onto the court

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Acclaim US website - PS2/Xbox:


    The 6+ million unit selling Granddaddy of Basketball is back! Engineered from the ground up for PlayStation®2 & Xbox(tm), NBA JAM brings the supercharged, "in your face" highlights of NBA play to life with over the top, arcade-style 3-on-3 Basketball.

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  • Unbelievable, jaw-dropping Monster Dunks will have you shouting "BOOMSHAKALAKA!" all over again!

  • All the popular signature NBA JAM features are back - including over-the top gameplay, "On-Fire" ( & "Big Head" modes, no fouls, massive Alley-Oops (, Hotspots ( and surprising unlockable characters!

  • All 29 current NBA teams, players & arenas, plus classic NBA arenas and even outdoor playground courts like New York City's fabled Rucker Park and LA's Venice Beach.

  • Play against over 50 of the NBA's greatest players from the past 50 years! The Legends Tournament ( takes you on a journey through the NBA of the 1950s - 1990s with era-specific music, uniforms, hairstyles, commentary and motions.

  • Over 700 new motions, including signature moves for current NBA All-Stars and Legends.

  • Game modes include quick-play Exhibition, NBA JAM Tournament and NBA Legends Tournament.

  • All-new Create-A-Player allows you to build your own master of the court.

  • Earn upgrades and attributes with authentic NBA memorabilia purchased in the JAM Store (

  • "Off-Color" Commentary by Tim Kitzrow - the original voice of NBA JAM.

  • Exclusive tracks and commentary from the famous funkmaster, Bootsy Collins.


    Press Coverage:

    "You can pick up and play this game anytime, and always have fun with it."
    - Xbox Exclusive (

    "NBA Jam is a good effort for its next-gen debut."
    - Xbox Mayhem (

    "After hours of play, this game had me saying dunk you very much to the game makers."
    - Game 2 Extreme (

    "NBA Jam - the greatest basketball game ever made - is back"
    - GamesMasterMagazine

    "The last word for basketball fans"
    - Computer and Video GamesMagazine

    "The creative types won't be left out, as the Create-A-Player mode will let players construct their own personalities as they wish."
    - Gamer Feed (

    "...Nostalgia to this degree is something that not even NBA Street can touch."
    - Team Xbox (

    "Dunk You Very Much! NBA JAM slams home the rock when it comes to the arcade basketball genre."
    - Gamezone (

    Interview with Brandon Fish, the producer for NBA JAM
    "The up-to-yourself, off-the glass, three-man super alley-oops are spectacular; if you have the skills to pull them off, that is."
    - Chicago Xbox (

    From the developer diary...
    "Before setting out to create a sequel in a series as popular and successful as the NBA Jam franchise, we had to learn about the history of the brand. Fans of the game will have certain expectations of what NBA Jam is, so we have to build up from the roots."
    - Brandon Fish, NBA Jam Producer - Acclaim Studios Austin

    Read the full Developer Diary at GameSpot (

    "It was simple, a lot of fun, and one of the greatest four-player trash talk games ever. And now it's being reborn for the next generation."
    - Gaming Target (

    Acclaim Press Releases:


    Lacing up its high tops and taking to the air with its legendary NBA video game action, Acclaim announced that it has shipped its eagerly anticipated title, NBA JAM, for the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system and the Xbox® video game system from Microsoft. Developed by Acclaim Studios Austin, NBA JAM returns with its trademark over-the-top, arcade-style 3-on-3 gameplay, "On Fire," "Big Head" mode and hot spots, as well as all-new rim-rocking moves specifically designed for the next-generation gaming systems. (Full Press Release:


    Owners of the Xbox(tm) video game system from Microsoft will soon be chanting "BOOMSHAKALAKA!", as Acclaim announced that its eagerly anticipated arcade basketball franchise, NBA JAM, has "gone gold" and into manufacturing for the console system. NBA JAM will be available for both Xbox(tm) and PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system on September 23rd. (Full Press Release:


    Combining high-flying, over-the-top NBA action with arena-rocking, jump-out-of-your-seat music, Acclaim unveiled the in-game music soundtrack for its eagerly anticipated launch of NBA JAM. Featuring three original tracks created by recording legend Bootsy Collins specifically for NBA JAM, the soundtrack also features other top-selling artists including James Brown, Smokey Robinson, Peaches and Herb, Kool & The Gang, Rick James, Bel Biv Devoe, Tag Team, Deuce, F.O.S. and SubUrban. NBA JAM, a proven video game brand with over 6 million units sold worldwide, slams home on September 30 for the next-generation consoles. (Full Press Release:


    Cries of "He's on Fire" and "Boomshakalaka" will once again fill the hardwood arenas of the NBA, as Acclaim Sports unveiled its latest installment of NBA JAM for the next-generation consoles. Developed by Acclaim Studios Austin, NBA JAM, the grand-daddy of all arcade-style basketball games, has sold more than 6 million units worldwide. This fall, NBA JAM returns with its trademark over-the-top, arcade-style 3-on-3 gameplay, "On Fire", "Big Head" mode and hot spots, as well as all-new rim-rocking moves specifically designed for the next-generation gaming systems. (Full Press Release:

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