NBA Jam Tournament Edition Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title Screen.
Select a team.
Ready to play.
A high jump.
It's in.
The ball is high in the air.
Trying to defend.
The shot is blocked.

DOS version

Options Menu
Play with the NBA stars
Team selection, Bill joins the Lakers
The Fresh Prince comes from Philly
Tonight's Matchup: Veterans vs Rookies
Air "Harper"
Webber grabs a rebound
Glen Rice goes for 3
Burning Ball
Coaching tips after the 1st quarter
Pippen from Outside
You can shrink your players
Clarence Weatherspoon is flying
Half time stats (look at "Harper"!)
Monica is my favourite cheerleader
Sean Elliot makes a salto slam
The admiral has a big head
Pippen for a jam that's worth 8 points
Final Score

Game Boy version

Title screen.
Pair selection.
VS screen.

Game Gear version

Title Screen.
All licensed players.
Game features.
Here are the Lakers' players available.
A demo match: Nuggets vs. Pistons.
Here comes a dunk.
Greatest players.
Are you up to the challenge?
Options screen.
Will you leave your name to history?
Selecting a team.
And tonight we'll have Lakers vs. Nuggets.
Lakers' first two points.
The Nuggets goes for a dunk.
Goal tending.
Time's up!
End of 1st quarter.
Coaching tips.
Substitution screen.
1st Half Stats for both teams.

Genesis version

Practice mode (no opponent players)
Yep, that was at the time Ewing and Oakley played for the Knicks...
The shot is blocked
Nice hook shot à la Jabbar
The law of gravity doesn't seem to work in this game :)
Coaching tips, coming between quarters
Rock it, baby!

Jaguar version

Title Screen
Insane dunks spice up the gameplay.
The game's presentation is very TV-like and professional.
Player graphics are large and very close to the arcade original.
Yet another crazy dunk
The Fresh Prince!
The star on the court is a "hot spot." The number shows how many points you get for sinking a shot from within it.
The spinning hexagon on the court is a powerup icon, new for the T.E.
President Clinton is another secret character.
Rushing for a hot spot. A 7-point shot will even up the score.
The court's paint changes to the home team's colours in the T.E.

SEGA 32X version

Akklaim/Iguana Logo Morph
Title screen
Main menu
Selecting a team
Vs. screen
The ball was just thrown in
The opposing team has scored, unfortunately.
In practice mode you can play freely without opponents.
Slam dunk
Enter Initials?
Initial Entry
Ball going through the net
Tip off
Preparing to pass into play
It's a long shot
Radical Backwards Dunk

SEGA Saturn version

Title Screen
Main Menu
Birth date and initials for play history
Team selection, ah when Reggie was still playing
The match up with the computer selecting the Mavericks
Getting some air for the slam!
Coaching tips after at the quarters
Getting major air time for the slam!
Sub other players from the team roster during quarters replacing injured players
Shoot 3 from the corner
Pacers over Mavericks
Winning team gets a 5 second video clip of its NBA team in action!

SNES version

Title screen.
Pair selection.
VS screen.
The tip-off
Armstrong goes for the dunk
Johnson puts it away
Mashburn scores one for the Mavericks
Scottie Pippen goes for three