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Platform Votes Score
Arcade Awaiting 1 votes...
Game Boy 6 3.5
Game Gear 5 2.1
Genesis 19 3.5
SEGA CD 5 1.4
SNES 26 3.9
Combined MobyScore 61 3.4

The Press Says

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GenesisGamePro (US)
Acclaim's gone for the slam dunk with NBA Jam and although it's not an exact translation of the arcade, it's still gonna score big with most fans of the classic coin-op. This one's more fun than an NBA contract.
SNESGamePro (US)
Even if it's not an exact translation, it's a good one - and the better of the two cartridge versions. Just be prepared to eat a little parquet now and then.
GenesisPlayer One
Identique sur les deux consoles, NBA Jam propose des graphismes agréables, une animation hyper réaliste et un fun incroyable. Incontournable.
SNESTotal! (Germany)
„Dunk“ Acclaim kommt nun jeder in den Genuß dieses phantastischen Spiels, ohne auch nur eine Mark in einen Automaten werfen zu müssen. Und das Beste ist, daß die SNES-Version dem großen Vorbild in nichts nachsteht. NBA Jam fürs SNES ist so atemberaubend spektakulär und spannend, daß wohl die Profis selbst einige Runden einlegen werden, um ihr „Können“ zu bestaunen. Buy it, play it, jam it!
Game GearPower Unlimited
Het beste basketbalspel voor de SNES en de Mega Drive is draagbaar geworden met de Game Gear versie. Het is vrijwel gelijk aan de Mega Drive versie, heeft een helder beeld en laat zich bijna niet wegleggen zo verslavend is het.
GenesisPower Unlimited
Toen NBA Jam uitkwam was het een baanbrekend spel. Nog nooit was de combinatie van graphics, geluid en gameplay zo perfect geweest in een basketball-spel. Helaas zou blijken dat de toekomstige versies nooit echt zouden verbeteren vergeleken met dit spel. Een klassieker.
גם אם זהו לא משחק כדורסל נטו, אז יש בו את כל המרכיבים של משחק איכותי, עם הרבה מהלכים ותנועות הלקוחים מעולם אחר...
SNESSuper Power (Sweden)
När detta spel konverterades till SNES var lyckan fullständig. Man kan fortfarande tappa sin värdighet, uppleva farten och dom coola samplingarna, för att inte tala om grafiken som nästan är identisk med arkadversionen, fast hemma i vardagsrummet. Synd bara att pluskan förblir tom (spelet kostar ju trots allt en hel del). De olika valmöjligheterna gör spelet ännu roligare, speciellt att man kan välja fyra spelare. Helt plötsligt sitter fyra idioter där i rummet och sliter och skriker. NBA Jam är ett toppenspel som förtjänar en plats i hyllan bland tidernas bästa sportspel.
SNESThe Video Game Critic
NBA Jam does have a few minor flaws. The turbo is so plentiful that you can practically use it during the entire game, and blocking shots is nearly impossible. Non-dunking players such as John Stockton can slam, destroying what little realism there is. Lastly, the computer has the annoying habit of making full court, last second shots at the end of each half. Two marquee players represent each NBA team, and since the game was made during NBA's "golden age", you get many all-time greats like David Robinson, Karl Malone, Scotty Pippen, Patrick Ewing, Reggie Miller, and Clyde Drexler (sorry, no Michael Jordan). Records are saved using a password system. NBA Jam enjoyed a string of sequels, and its frantic, smash-mouth style of play singlehandedly created a new genre of "extreme" sports games.
So, while I can't say, "Go out and buy a copy today!" cuz it's like, pretty damn old, I can say that this game changed the way I looked at basketball video games. Kudos to you, Midway. At least you did something right before you went and made Mortal Kombat.
SNESGame Players
This sports cart has more action than most action games. It does everything right - and it does it with the blazing speed of an action playoff game.
SNESNintendo Life
With fast-paced, addictive gameplay, a catchy musical score and graphics that are still easy on the eyes today, NBA Jam has certainly aged well and, despite its tenuous connection with reality, stands as the definitive basketball game of its generation. Although there were many sequels that tweaked the formula with extra bells and whistles, none exceeded the original in core gameplay quality. Indeed, it is a testament to the excellent game design of this first release in the series that its developers and publishers were able to later repackage what was essentially the same game for years while making few, if any, changes.
Only die-hard lovers of the game need apply here. If you had the choice of this CD or the Genesis cart six months ago, you definitely would've opted for the CD, which outscores the Genesis by a three-point shot. The long holdup may have cost NBA Jam CD some popularity points. However, if you still crave some pulse-pounding parquet action, NBA Jam CD is for you.
SNESElectronic Gaming Monthly (EGM)
Excuse the pun, but this game jams! This is one of the few sports title I actually like and I can't stop playing it. It takes a lot for me to like a sports game and Acclaim has produced one of the most addicting sports titles I have ever played. The awesome slams and virtual no-foul rules are a total laugh riot! The fact that you can have you own personal record is cool, too. Again, excuse the pun, but this game jams!
SEGA CDGame Players
It's a small thing, but symptomatic: with all that storage space, there's so much opportunity for nifty extras that taking so little advantage of the extra space is almost a crime. It's still the same great game, but in a way, that's exactly the problem.
GenesisMega Fun
Erstaunlich, was die Entwickler von Iguana hier aus dem MD herausgekitzelt haben: Absolut flüssige Animationen, digitalisierte Sprachausgabe und fließendes Scrolling. NBA Jam zeigt mal wieder, daß das MD noch lange nicht ausgereizt ist und dank fähiger Programmierer dem SN das Wasser reichen kann. Acclaims NBA Jam nimmt‘s natürlich mit den Regeln nicht so genau, aber gerade das macht den speziellen Reiz des Moduls aus und gewinnt so viele Fans, die sonst nicht auf Basketball schwören. Kleinkriege um den Ball oder harte Bodychecks sind an der Tagesordnung, unrealistische Weitwürfe, abgefahrene Flughöhen, brennende Körbe, all das und noch viel mehr macht das Flair von NBA Jam aus. Schade ist, daß Ihr nur Two On Two auf dem Parkett spielen könnt. Konami ist in DER Richtung schon einen Schritt weiter und bringt mehr Taktik ins Spiel; deshalb fällt letztendlich die Wertung von Mega-NBA Jam etwas niedriger aus.
NBA Jam montrait tout simplement aux joueurs ce qu'ils étaient en droit d'attendre techniquement d'un jeu de sport sur consoles 16 bits. Quand on sait ce que la Super Nintendo a dans le ventre, on ne s'étonne pas que le résultat soit si peu éloigné de l'arcade. Par rapport à la version Mega Drive, le graphisme et surtout le son sont une marge au-dessus mais la jouabilité n'est pas aussi satisfaisante; les tirs à trois points par exemple ont un plus grand taux de réussite sur Sega. Cette cartouche-là étant réalisée par une autre équipe, on peut penser qu'Iguana aura préféré de son côté ajouter de l'iniquité à sa jouabilité pour gonfler artificiellement la difficulté. NBA Jam n'est pas le meilleur jeu de basket-ball, même en son temps il n'avait pas ce privilège, mais c'est probablement le plus facile d'accès et l'un des plus spectaculaires. Le fun est immédiat, c'est un succès garanti entre amis, à qui écrasera le plus gros dunk dans la face du voisin.
GenesisHigh Score
Det har gjorts många både realistiska och knäppa varianter på basket, NBA Jam är det bästa. Det är inte perfekt, men en bra bit på väg.
SEGA CDVideo Games & Computer Entertainment
The long awaited Sega CD version of NBA Jam has pluses and minuses that make it about as good as the Genesis version. It's a great game, but Sega CD owners who held out for the CD version may be upset that this one's not significantly better than the cartridge. Additions include updated player rosters and a terrific soundtrack; the music's just as good as the arcade version, if not better. There are a few new "special guest" characters too.
Game GearGamePro (US)
This cart is a noble attempt to squeeze the features and spirit of the arcade hit into a handheld, but much is lost in the translation.
For being the first basketball title to twist the boundaries by taking a break from the stagnant world of realism, NBA Jam found more fame than it could've hoped for. This Genesis version is a faithful rendition of the arcade blockbuster. If you're looking for an engaging sports game like no other, start jamming with NBA Jam today! This is a sports game for those of us who don't like sports games.
GenesisElectronic Gaming Monthly (EGM)
For the Genesis, this game does just fine and is probably one of the better sports games for the system. The voices are fuzzy and the colors are a bit bland. Still, the game is a very good play - even with four players!
Game BoyTotal! (Germany)
Die anheizenden Soundeffekte mit Sprachausgabe, wie wir sie vom Automaten und SNES her kennen, mußten freilich weichen. Leider litt auch die Spielbarkeit ein wenig. Da der Kekskasten nämlich nur zwei Buttons hat, mußte eine Funktion (frei wählbar ob Wurf, Paß oder Turbo) auf die Start-Taste gelegt werden. Dies fahrt mitunter zu abenteuerlichen Verrenkungen der Finger und macht richtig schnelles Spielen nahezu unmöglich. Trotz dieses Wermutstropfens weiß auch diese Version des Spielhallenschlagers zu gefallen und kann jedem Basketballfan, der flotte Action und keine Simulation sucht, ans Herz gelegt werden.
Game BoyMega Fun
Schade eigentlich, denn der Kekskasten-Nachzügler ist spielerisch alles andere als zu verachten, auch wenn einige Features abgespeckt wurden, wie die Zuschauerkulisse, der Mehr-Spieler-Modus und die Turbo Sprints. Die Basketball-Action kommt trotzdem absolut spektakulär rüber, denn (fast) nichts geht über den unkomplizierten Spielablauf, die einfache Steuerung und die Mega Dunks eines NBA Jam. Zudem sind alle 27 Teams vertreten, der Coach gibt Euch, wie gewohnt, sinnvolle Tips, ausführliche Statistiken während der Spielpausen sind bekanntlich schon Standard, und die Grafik mag zwar unspektakulär sein, ist aber durchaus übersichtlich geraten, mit sehr detaillierten Animationsphasen der einzelnen Spieler; in Sachen Realitätsnähe ist aber mehr EA gefragt.
SEGA CDAll Game Guide
If you can handle the Genesis' shoddy soundtrack and sound effects, don't mind losing the full length video clips during halftime, and like to play the game instead of waiting for it to load, then you're probably better off with the Genesis version.
Game BoyGamePro (US)
As usual with big name games, it's hard to justify buying a watered-down handheld version when you could get a 16-bit edition for just $25 more. But if you're a road-trippin' b-ball nut, Jam is one of the best hoops carts for the Game Boy yet.
Game BoyVideo Games & Computer Entertainment
Not surprisingly, the Game Boy version of NBA Jam looks and plays like the Game Gear version. It has the updated player rosters of the Sega CD version, but on the tiny screen there's no way you can tell the characters apart; in the portable editions, the play's the thing that's important. No problems there, though; it has a respectable number of dunks and the speed is pretty good. I would like to have seen two or even four player support, but the real hardcore jammers are playing the game on one of the 16-bit machines, anyway.
NBA Jam has always been a game that was a blast to play. Whether you have the classic version, 32x port, Tournament Edition, or the Sega CD format, you are most certainly guaranteed to have a good time. The improvements in audio as well as the addition of video clips, while fairly good, detract from the game in the long run due to the loading times that they bring with them. If you have a little time on your hands then this game will not let you down whatsoever.
GenesisThe Video Game Critic
This two-on-two arcade basketball game was originally released on the Super Nintendo, where it was a runaway hit. The Genesis can't quite reproduce the sharp graphics and clear voice samples of the SNES version, but it's close enough. I noticed it was easier to steal the ball in this version, which gives the defense a much-needed boost. The main problem I have with this game is the control. The Genesis controller just isn't designed for this type of game. Sure, you only need three buttons, but these need to be pressed in combination with each other. The SNES shoulder buttons were really the key. Anyway, if you can put up with the awkward control, this isn't a bad game. The action is fast and the dunks are ridiculously spectacular. But if you have an SNES, stick with that version.
Game GearElectronic Gaming Monthly (EGM)
Although the Game Gear has some limitations, this game does come off fairly well from a stand point of an arcade translation. Compared to other GG games, the graphics are decent and the game plays very well. It's too bad that most of the awesome jams had to be taken out. The play-by-play announcing had to be omitted because of memory problems. Any GG owner who loves basketball will love this game.