NBA Live 2002 Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

After the EA logo and a screen showing all the team logos the game's title screen is displayed. This is followed by an animated sequence.
A shot from the animated sequence that comes between the game's title screen and the start of the game
The game's main menu. The background picture changes each time the player comes here
Starting a practice session. This is the player selection screen.
While the practice session loads the game reminds the player of the controller setup. While waiting for a match to load the configuration for both attack and defence is shown
A practice session trying a jump shot. After the shot the player must manually pick up the ball before trying again.
The NBA Draft. The player can select players or have the game do it for them. pressing START brings up this menu of additional options
The NBA Live Challenge. These are a series of achievements that the player can enable when playing a match.
Starting an exhibition match. The teams can be manually or randomly selected
An Exhibition match is about to start. The team's are selected and the gamer can tweak the players in the team
The start of an Exhibition match. Before this there's an animation showing the players entering, shaking hands and fist bumping in a generally sportsman-like way
A shot is taken and blocked. The active player's name is displayed and they are indicated by a circle around their feet
Not being a fan of the game I didn't know that keeping possession was a bad thing. That's two points away, bother!