NBA Live 2003 Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

Main menu
Instant replay
Practice mode
Three-point shooting.

Windows version

Courtside screenshot showing the basketballers aiming for a shot
Title screen.
Selecting teams.
Selecting the starting lineups.
Selecting jerseys.
And finally, the quick settings for the game.
The loading screen.
Here they come, Chicago Bulls!
The game just started!
The Bulls start dunking.
O'neal dunks for the Lakers.
Bryant is free to dunk.
A beautiful assistance!
14 x 14 and the Bulls approach the three points line.
End of first quarter.
Selecting players for an one on one match.
Bryant and Kidd are about to start.
Kidd throws.
Bryant dunks.
Bryant just got free of Kidd and goes for the hood.
The Franchise game mode.