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NBA Live 96

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Simply the Best NBA Live Game for the SNES SNES Thomas T (217)

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Platform Votes Score
DOS 3 3.9
Genesis 6 3.3
PlayStation 2 4.2
SNES 3 3.8
Combined MobyScore 14 3.7

The Press Says

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SNESElectric Playground
It doesn't get much better than this. 29 NBA teams, including the Grizz and the Toronto Raptors; the ability to create players (and put in real NBA players that couldn't be in this game because of licensing agreements); on-the-fly play calling, including animated diagrams of the plays and a whole new appreciation for the smallest details of the best sport on the planet, like charted shot summaries, rebound tip-ins, cross over dribbles and power slams. I've said it before and I'll say it again (even though I'm not getting a penny from the NBA), "I Love This Game!"
DOSPC Games (Germany)
Der Streetball-Boom ist vorbei, NBA Live bleibt: Einen gut ausgestatteten PC vorausgesetzt, verwöhnt die jüngste Produktion von EA Sports mit überragender Spielbarkeit, atemberaubender Grafik, Power-Sound und einer perfekten Präsentation. Wer auch nur einen Funken Interesse an Basketball hat, braucht NBA Live 96 - das gilt übrigens auch für Besitzer von NBA Live 95.
SNESThe Video Game Critic
The NBA Live series got its start on the Genesis, but the SNES edition of NBA Live 96 is clearly better, thanks to sharper graphics and clear sound effects. In addition, holding in the shoulder buttons to initiate turbo is much more convenient than the awkward Genesis controller scheme. In terms of gameplay, NBA Live 96 offers nonstop action and realistic gameplay. It's a huge step up from NBA Showdown. With the five-player multitap, you and four friends can even control an entire team! The only thing I don't like about the game are its terribly pixelated hardwood floors. Otherwise NBA Live 96 is a slam dunk.
GenesisElectric Playground
It doesn't get much better than this. 29 NBA teams, including the Grizz and the Toronto Raptors; the ability to create players (and put in real NBA players that couldn't be in this game because of licensing agreements); on-the-fly play calling, including animated diagrams of the plays and a whole new appreciation for the smallest details of the best sport on the planet, like charted shot summaries, rebound tip-ins, cross over dribbles and power slams. I've said it before and I'll say it again (even though I'm not getting a penny from the NBA), "I Love This Game!"
SNESAll Game Guide
As it stands, NBA Live 96 is a worthy addition to any fan who loved 1994's game but wanted greater flexibility in team management. It is difficult to recommend this game for the casual fan who already owns NBA Live 95, however. The differences aren't that drastic to make you want to upgrade the game. On the other hand, if you passed on 1994's title and want the best SNES basketball game for 1995, you have no excuse not shake and bake over to the store and slam your money on the counter. It doesn't get much better than this.
GenesisGamePro (US)
For the true NBA fans who can't get enough of a good thing or the first time b-ball sim buyer, this game's a must. Those who already have Live '95 should rent this cart first to make sure the added options are worth the '96 season-ticket price.
SNESGamePro (US)
The furious pace along with NBA realism and a noticeable improvement over Live '95, make NBA Live '96 the only worthy basketball game for SNES hoopsters.
DOSVideo Games & Computer Entertainment
Apart from that one disappointment, this is still the best game available, but the competition's really heating up. Games like NBA in the Zone have raised the ante and though EA can regroup and develop something special for '97, you can bet that everyone else will too.
GenesisDigital Press - Classic Video Games
Between the Super NES and Genesis versions, it's business as usual. The Genesis suffers from fewer bouts of slowdown and the lower color palette actually gives the game a more realistic look. With its bright, almost pastel, colors, the SNES iteration looks more like a cartoon. Both have the same AI issues, but that doesn't mean this isn't the best 16-bit basketball game ever made.
DOSPrivat Computer PC
Alt sammen fungerer glimrende, og efter et par timer gik spil, computer og anmelder op i en højere enhed. EA Sports laver gode sportsspil. NBA LIVE 96 er et EA Sports sportsspil. Ergo er dette spil godt!
PlayStationComing Soon Magazine
EA Sports has once again displayed an unprecedented level of excellence in it's first basketball game for the next generation systems, NBA Live '96. A host of options, real 3D stadiums, realistic monster dunks, and that patented EA Sports game play lead the way into the best basketball simulation to date. PlayStation sports buffs will finally get a chance to play something other than NFL GameDay on their PSX.
PlayStationGameFan Magazine
Though not a graphic masterpiece, EA's Live '96 has just about everything else a growin' boy needs. Most importantly the game plays better than anything currently available. These developers are truly masters of this genre. With games like Live '96, EA may again reign supreme. Then again, the competition is becoming increasingly furious.
SNESMega Fun
Wie nicht anders zu erwarten. lieferte EA ein routiniertes Update der Basketball-Referenz ab. Die zusätzlichen Features sind jedoch - vornehm ausgedrückt - recht überschaubar. Zwar wurde am Strategieteil mächtig gefeilt, so daß absolute Basketballpuristen sich auch taktisch an diesem Modul festbeißen werden, Otto-Normal-Zocker dürfte diese erweiterte Option allerdings eher kalt lassen, zumal nur Cracks die strategischen Elemente optimal nutzen können. Viel interessanter sind da schon die neuesten Dunks, die die Programmierer sich wieder von den Original-Akteuren abgeschaut haben. Apropos Grafik. trotz einiger neuer Animationen bewegen sich die langen Kerle im Verhältnis zu NBA Live‘95 auf dem Mega Drive immer noch etwas ungelenkig über den Court. Unter dem Strich gebührt dem Spiel NBA Live durch das ausgefeilte Gameplay jedoch nach wie vor der Titel „Bestes Basketballspiel“.
PlayStationElectronic Gaming Monthly (EGM)
NBA Live '96 is simply the best. As far as the game itself, it could have been better in some aspects. As a whole, realism hits this game right in the bull's eye, but the realism in gameplay need some touches. With the game's new look, these standards will be hard to beat.
DOSPC Player (Germany)
Virtual Stadium hin und her - zwingend ist der Aufstieg von NBA 95 zur 96-Version nicht. Die Verbesserungen sind nicht so dramatisch wie bei den Neuausgaben von FIFA Soccer oder NHL Hockey. Liebhaber des Genres können natürlich zugreifen; NBA 96 ist das Beste, was Basketball-Fans auf einem PC-Monitor zustoßen kann.
Add to this new function the stellar gameplay comprehensive stats, play diagrams, shot charts, trades, and player photos and comparisons (you can pick any two players and see how they stack up against each other in every conceivable way), and it's clear that EA has done this sequel right, making a good game much, much better.
PlayStationGame Players
The vast array of options and features make Live the most versatile and complete basketball game yet. That doesn't mean the game's perfect - it's far from that - but until something better comes along, it remains the king of console hardwood.
DOSPower Play
Naja, nimmt man den Vorgänger zum Maßstab, enttäuscht NBA ‘96 schon ein bißchen. Für meinen Geschmack hat sich etwas zu wenig getan auf dem Parkett. Absolut gesehen ließ EA Sports aber erneut ein hervorragendes Spiel vom Stapel, bei dem jeder Basketballfan zugreifen muß. Einsteiger wie Sportspielprofis dürften sich von der hervorragenden Steuerung und den vielfältigen Möglichkeiten, das Spiel auf die eigenen Ansprüche zuzuschneidern, gleichermaßen angesprochen fühlen. Fast noch besser als der 3D-Kram gefallen mir die kleinen Verbesserungen: Die Anzeige der Wurfversuche ist sehr aufschlußreich, der Statistikteil wurde deutlich erweitert und die Computergegner verhalten sich etwas intelligenter. Allein der Sound ist nicht der Weisheit letzter Schluß: Sprachausgabe während der Matches gibt es kaum, die Menümusik samt Gesang ist Geschmackssache.
GenesisAll Game Guide
Overall NBA Live 96 is a great basketball title for the Sega Genesis. The inclusion of so many players is really an incredible feature. A few improvements in sound, graphics, and computer defense would be useful but they don't hurt too much.
DOSHigh Score
Sammanfattningsvis kan sägas att NBA Live 96 är ett mycket bra spel utan större fel, men det når ändå inte riktigt upp i samma klass som dess föregångare.
PlayStationVideo Games & Computer Entertainment
Also, using the Virtual Stadium technology, the gameplay will up itself a couple of notches, adding more camera angles and that certain something that we players can't put a finger on, but which is definitely there (is that too technical for you?). This is a must-have for sports fans.
SNESVideo Games & Computer Entertainment
You already know what to expect from the graphics and playability --- it's still all there. It's the new features that have enhanced this game.
DOSPC Player (Brazil)
A equipe esportiva da Electronic Arts continua fazendo um bom trabalho de marketing, quando diz "Se está no jogo (real), está no jogo (de computador)", NBA Live 96 não foge à regra.
PlayStationAbsolute Playstation
At last a basketball simulation that employs strategy. Complete rosters included. Tactics may be changed at any time during the game. Captures the essence of NBA basketball, the others just don't compare to the reigning champions of sports EA Sports.
Live truly shines when it comes to its totally realistic and easy-to-call plays. There are 16 quick calls you can choose from each of the seven offensive sets, plus more options and stats than any other game. However, there is a down side. The players tend to look as if they're sliding around on ice skates at times, and the fouls can get a little out of control. These faults aside, NBA Live '96 is a great basketball game that'll have you playing when you should very well be doing other things, like working or spending time with your family. Oh well, who needs that when there's great games like these?
PlayStationGamePro (US)
Live '96 has more depth than In the Zone, but everything that Live can do, NBA Shoot Out does better. Live may play well on it's own, but for gamers deciding which b-ball title to buy, it fails to make the cut.
GenesisThe Video Game Critic
The new "digitized" crowd noise that's so loaded with pops and static that it's practically unbearable! Even the soundtrack sounds coarse and unpleasant. Otherwise NBA Live 96 offers the same fast, frenetic action as its predecessor, although the framerate seems a bit less smooth. The players look slightly more refined, and new moves include a spin move for more agile players. Other minor additions include more play strategies, trivia questions between periods, and the ability to create your own player. One reader informed me that the create-a-player feature has an "easter egg" of sorts. Should you try to create an unlicensed player like Jordon or Barkley, their statistics will "magically" appear. Other than that there are the usual quirks, like the CPU's uncanny ability to toss up full-court three-pointers as the clock winds down. NBA Live 96 provides the same up-tempo style of basketball fun the series is known for, but I prefer the 95 version.
SNESTotal! (Germany)
Nennt Ihr den ersten Teil Euer Eigen, ist die 96er Edition des NBA-Spektakels für Euch uninteressant. Alle anderen Basketball-begeisterten SNES-User bekommen mit NBA Live '96 ein solides, wenn auch in ähnlicher Form schon einmal dagewesenes Sportspiel geboten.