NBA Live 97 Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Picture from intro video
Title screen (from intro)
Title screen
Main menu
Stats central
Team info screen
Player information screen
Rules & Options screen
Create player screen
Transactions screen
Choose cameras
Comparing two players
Choose controller type before match
Seattle Sonics vs. Chicago Bulls
Team matchups
Team starters
Loading screen
1st quarter starts
Instant Replay mode
Team strategy menu
Side throw
Player gets basket
Trade menu
Team rosters screen
You can create your own players
Team comparison in exhibition mode
Better to pass the ball
Ball is out of bounds
Wide attack with three players
Computer is trying to take the ball away from player

Genesis version

Title screen
Main menu
Creating a player, customizing head, etc.
Stats of the created player
Playoff table
Starting a game
Nice team stats :)
Suspenseful situation...
Nice shot :) Lots of stats appear on the screen during the game
One to four teams for you to control during a season
Team stats shown before starting a season
Players appear. No close-up :(
LA Forum
Check out this dunk!

SNES version

Title screen with credits
Main menu
Team select screen
Versus screen
Team comparison
Player introduction
Pause menu
Backing down the defender
Dribbling at midcourt
He shoots over the defenders!
Good, for two points!
Passing to an open teammate
Rebound off a missed shot
Going up for the dunk!
Going up for a floater in traffic
Two-handed jam!
Scores after 1st quarter
1st quarter statistics
Grabbing an offensive board in traffic
Left-handed layup
Players running upcourt after a basket
Instant Replay
Offensive plays menu
Strategy menu
Shot chart
Statistics screen
Team statistics
Powerful slam!