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NBA Showdown

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Platform Votes Score
Genesis 5 2.7
SNES 3 4.0
Combined MobyScore 8 3.2

The Press Says

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GenesisGame Players
It's the best yet in the long line of EA Sports b'ball titles. Besides a faster game engine and new player animations, the new hot streaks and on-the-fly offensive and defensive play-calling make this a must-buy for hoop fans.
SNESGame Players
The game's sensational play feature, update 12-men rosters and trade-player option make the game a must-buy for basketball fans. It slam-dunks the competition.
GenesisHigh Score
Det optimala basketspelet för sportintresserade. Över 300 spelare från den riktiga NBA-ligan.
GenesisGamePro (US)
Overall, NBA Showdown makes it to the Genesis playoffs. Although it doesn't have NBA Jam's FunFactor, it has better realism, which alone makes it worthy.
GenesisMega Fun
Es will einfach nicht klappen, in Sachen Basketball bleibt den erfolgsverwöhnten EA-Leuten auch weiterhin nur ein Platz im Mittelfeld, und da tummeln sich mittlerweile schon eine ganze Menge Simulationen. Woran liegt‘s? Am Spielaufbau gibt's nichts zu bemängeln, extrem ausführliche Statistiken und ein gewohnt benutzerfreundliches Optionsmenü könnten besser nicht sein. Es scheitert wie bisher am Gameplay, der Funke will und will nicht überspringen. Die Akteure ähneln ihren realen Vorbildern zwar ungemein, doch trifft dies zum größten Teil nur auf die Optik zu, spielerisch sind bloß minimale Unterschiede auszumachen. Zuschauer sind kaum vorhanden, die toben sich wohl bei einem spannenden FIFA Soccer-Match aus. Was soll's, wirklich gute Basketballspiele machen bis jetzt andere Softwarefirmen, aber nur, weil anscheinend zur Zeit die genialsten EA-Programmierer mit Vereinten Kräften an der SN-Konvertierung von FIFA Soccer arbeiten.
SNESAll Game Guide
The game offers more in terms of features than any previous basketball game on the Super Nintendo. Unfortunately, the slow movement and gameplay quirks hurt the overall score.
GenesisElectronic Gaming Monthly (EGM)
NBA Showdown has all the ingredients of a promising title, however, the action is very choppy, robbing this one of the fluidity and gameplay. Still, everybody's favorite team is here and sports fans will probably enjoy it.
GenesisSega Force
Det är bäst att du plockar fram dina coach-talanger, för det finns olika uppställningar och kombinationer för försvars- och anfallsspel. Naturligtvis får vi också en liten kommentar före matchen, men inte av vår gamle vän Ron Barr, som jag tror har glappat lite för mycket med käften, då han är ersatt av en annan viktigpetter. Om du absolut måste köpa ett basketspel, så köp NBA Showdown '94!
GenesisThe Video Game Critic
Michael Jordan is nowhere to be found, and the black referee from the first three games has been replaced with a white one. The previous two EA basketball game were offensive-minded, but Showdown takes the opposite approach, tightening the defense to the extreme. Every game is a "block party" - any shot attempted with a man in your face will be rejected. The end result is less razzle-dazzle and more emphasis on strategy. Like past games, NBA Showdown is weak in terms of audio. Besides the bounce of the ball, the only sound you hear is "put it up!" as the clocks ticks down. All in all, NBA Showdown was a positive step for the series, but it wasn't quite up to snuff -- yet.
SNESThe Video Game Critic
NBA Showdown is a step up from Bulls vs. Blazers (EA's previous basketball game), with smooth graphics and more realistic gameplay. Unfortunately, it still uses the same slow engine, which bogs down the action. With no turbo button, the pace is slow and deliberate with no possibility for fast breaks. There are less unstoppable dunks, and it's more difficult to penetrate on the dribble. On a positive note, the court looks terrific, and I love how the coaches pace back and forth in front of their benches on the sidelines. The crowd sounds are muffled, but occasionally a fan will yell like "put it up!". Showdown is interesting to look back on, but this basketball series has seen better days.