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NBA Street Showdown (PSP)

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Overall MobyScore (2 votes) 4.7

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Game Freaks 365
Overall, NBA Street Showdown is a great console-to-handheld conversion that offers a lot of bang for your buck. I enjoyed the "King of the Court" mode more than anything simply because it offered quick and accessible fun, though there are some mini-games and the ever-available Quick Game option. Multiplayer is available through the PSP's Ad Hoc wireless mode, which is a nice touch, though I didn't get a chance to check it out. Ultimately Showdown is a game that you could sit down and have a lot of fun playing, and is definitely worth the $50 sticker price if you don't already own the three previous Street games on a console.
NBA Street: Showdown is perfect for an involved blast on a seedy form of public transport - or even in the comfort of your own home, because I dare to say that this one rivals the console version, so why buy a console Street title when you can have an excellent one in your hands, wherever you may be? There's even a little EA Pocket Trax that allows you to listen to the music in this game on a little visual jukebox-type affair, allowing you to listen to music on the go. Looks and sounds amazing, fantastic gameplay whether you're after a quick match or a long session… Like games? You'll love this.
Da sitze ich als jemand, der dem Basketball eigentlich nicht viel abgewinnen kann, die PSP in meinen schwitzigen Händen, und freue mich wie ein kleines Kind über gelungene Tricks und krachige Dunkings nach erfolgreichen Kombos: NBA Street Showdown unterhält wie kaum ein anderer Funsporttitel auf Handhelds und Konsolen. Zugegeben: Dass der Karrieremodus im Vergleich zur Vorjahresversion beschnitten, die Personalisierung des eigenen Teams gestrichen und der Heim-Court gekürzt wurde, ist ein Jammer. Dafür ist die PSP-Fortsetzung vom Menü über die schicken Animationen bis zum Gamebreaker in Zeitlupe perfekt durchgestylt, lässt sich auch noch einwandfrei steuern. Die wenigen Bugs hätten den Augen der Betatester aber nicht entgehen dürfen und nerven immer wieder für ein paar Sekunden.
Game Vortex
NBA Street Showdown is great for people who need their fix of handheld NBA action. The variety of play modes make it well-suited for both short and long play sessions. Its more style than simulation, but there's still enough basketball here to please any fan.
Game Chronicles
I’m from Indiana so I have to like basketball (or at least say I do) or they will ask me to leave. Thankfully, NBA Street Showdown makes it easy to enjoy this sport. I had a lot more fun playing this than I did the official NBA titles, but then again, Showdown forgoes the rules in favor of fun.
Gaming Age
It looks like we know which developer is serious about this PSP handheld, as a good portion of titles released thus far are by EA and EA Sports.. Lucky for us, they are all quality titles. If things continue in this manner, gamers will be happy with future copies of Madden, Burnout, and other great EA games to take on the go. As for NBA Street Showdown, you need to add this one to your library if you enjoy this series.
If you're thinking of buying a PSP and want a good game to start with there's no doubt NBA Street is the sports title you don't want to miss out on. If you've played or own any of the games in the NBA Street series there's enough new content here to offer a unique experience as well as plenty of familiar ground to tread while on the move. If 989's NBA left a foul taste in your mouth, then my answer is yes, it is possible to make good basketball games on a handheld system: NBA Street Showdown for the PlayStation Portable is a prime example.
Overall, you have to give NBA Street Showdown a lot of credit. In terms of gameplay, it stacks up nicely with all the other versions in the series. It even tries its best to include other modes you can't find anywhere else. While the visuals are the weakest part of the game, it's by no means a deal breaker. NBA Street Showdown finally brings the game of basketball to the PSP, and does it with authority.
NBA Street Showdown will find a welcome home for any basketball fan or any casual PSP player that is looking for a solid sports title. $49.99 is a hefty price tag, but it's a game you will continue to play whenever you have nothing better to do (for me, that accounts for most of my day).
So what do you get for your handheld experience? A solid b-ball romp with the hottest players from all 30 teams in the NBA. They still haven't put Chris Bosh in the game, the Raptors' young and talented forward that failed to make it into V3. But they do have unlockable legends like Magic Johnson available. And when you're not unlocking various courts and legends, you can use the development points you've earned to boost your own customized baller's skills, moves, and clothing collection. The package of shear content is immense, making this title a hot pick-up for your PSP library.
Though it doesn't necessarily say much, given the paucity of portable hoops games, NBA Street Showdown is easily the best handheld basketball game available today. Its fast-paced gameplay, abundance of content, and slick presentation make it a great choice if you're looking for a portable basketball game. It's just unfortunate that the controls couldn't have been a little more responsive than they ended up being. But if you can adjust to the timing, you'll probably end up liking NBA Street Showdown a lot.
Straßentauglich: Bestes Handheld-Basketball. An Ausstattung und den Animationen hapert's.
Gaming Target
Of all the EA games so far, it's odd the one that missed the PSP launch window seems like the least polished and most damaged in the move to the system, when you'd imagine the delay was to make the game even better. NBA Street Showdown is not a bad game – when things go well it can be just as good as the console versions – but be wary of a deeply flawed, yet still fun game of street basketball.
PSX Extreme
All told, NBA Street Showdown for the PSP stacks up favorably to the console versions of the franchise. Anyone that is already burned out on the console games may want to pass on this one, but everyone else that is in the market for a street basketball game should rush out right now and buy it.
NBA Street comes to the PSP with big boots to fill, especially when compared to its console counterparts. But what the game does do is provide an entertaining game of street ball on Sony’s handheld, and provides a very good base for any sequels to build upon.
Operation Sports
By no means is NBA Street Showdown a bad game. In fact, it's an entertaining one that faithfully carries on the NBA Street line. However, there's no getting around the slightly dumbed-down game play and the button timing issues. The mini-games are a good addition, however, and the game as a whole provides an impressive amount of depth. If you're a big fan of NBA Street and can live with the console-to-PSP translation issues, you'll probably be very satisfied. If you enjoyed the not-so-subtle chess match of trick and counter-trick, however - this one may not be for you. NBA Street Showdown is a worthy hoops title, and a solid debut - but I can't shake the feeling that Electronic Arts was capable of more, and hopefully next time around, they'll prove it.
PAL Gaming Network (PALGN)
It's likely that we'll see a future incarnation of this series in the very near future, and when that happens we hope the rosters are updated and some of the issues we've had have been fixed up. If you're a fan of NBA but are sick of the serious updates, then it is hard to go past this game; even though it seems more like a reworked port than an entirely new title.
Although NBA Street Showdown is a bit of a letdown, that's probably due to the fact that most people were expecting the same great experience they had with the console versions. Still, it's one of the most entertaining games on the PSP, despite a few minor problems with the gameplay. The King of the Court mode is highly enjoyable, as are the addictive mini-games. As was the case with the console titles, there are a ton of unlockables, with everything from throwback jerseys to bling available for purchase. Basically, everything you'd expect from an NBA Street game is here, resulting in one of the better sports games on the system.
Semi déception pour NBA Street qui arrive sur PSP en ayant un peu perdu de sa superbe, malgré tout, il reste un titre gonflé de fun et qui se trouve un peu seul dans sa catégorie. On fera donc contre mauvaise fortune bon coeur pour aller dunker comme un malade.
Deaf Gamers
NBA Street Showdown in some ways is a bit of a disappointment. The game never quite equals the standard of NBA Street V3 although what's here is certainly adequate and I have no doubts that fans of the NBA Street series will appreciate the game. However, if you've played NBA Street V3 then this game will feel like an edited version that's missing some of the best bits. The control scheme just isn't as good and the controls do occasionally suffer from lag. Despite the faults though the overall experience is still a good one and the game should please all those who weren't expecting an exact replica of NBA Street V3.
Game Informer Magazine
It’s a fun play, but being a veteran of the console versions really pulled out this handheld incarnation’s glaring flaws.
Worth Playing
The final verdict is: fifty bucks? No. Okay game? Yes. Hopefully, when the inevitable sequel to Showdown releases, we will have a spruced up release to compliment the new mechanics and overall sensibilities of the latest NBA Street game along with it. The PSP is far too powerful to be a dumping ground for cheapened cash-ins. Let's stick with the precedent set by Ridge Racer, Untold Legends, and Wipeout Pure, huh EA? Still, I cannot say this is a bad game. But what I can tell you is, unless having a portable Street title is absolutely necessary for you for some strange reason, do yourself a favor and stick with Vol. 3 for now.
Game Informer Magazine
From dekes to dunks, it's all annoyingly behind and completely counter-intuitive. It's a shame too, as the minigames and soundtrack rock, but I just couldn't get past the lackluster play control.
Digital Press - Classic Video Games
While a more playable game of basketball than 989's simply named NBA, that doesn't make it worth a purchase. This is still a misguided attempt at making an accessible basketball game, one that wore out its welcome some time ago. It needs to change drastically before it becomes the enjoyable franchise it started out as.
G4 TV: X-Play
NBA Street: Showdown is an otherwise solid playing game that comes up short in the control and play modes, especially when compared to NBA Street V3, which is clearly the better option for those new to the arcade b-ball franchise. While Showdown is quick moving and easy-on-the eyes, veteran players will tire of the game much faster than with EA’s other offerings on the widescreen handheld. If any Street could benefit from urban renewal, it’s this one.