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NCAA Basketball

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Oldie but goodie SNES Condemned (70)
One of my favorite basketball games of all time SNES r h (15)

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SNES 11 3.4
Combined MobyScore 11 3.4

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For the ultimate basketball game on your SNES, have a bash around the court with Super Dunk Shot.
SNESPower Play
Neben der Grafikpracht folgt Super Dunkshot dem Basketball-Regelwerk, bietet viele verschiedene Spielmodi und Teams. Die umschaltbaren Spielzüge garantieren einen taktischen Aspekt, der bei vielen Basketball-Spielen auf anderen Konsolen zu kurz kommen. Nicht nur Möchtegern-Sportler, die vom Auftritt des Dream-Teams bei der Sommer-Olympiade in Barcelona fasziniert waren, finden Gefallen am Halken-Spiel.
SNESJust Games Retro
NCAA looks and plays like something you would come up with in a basic programming class today, and yeah, it’s easy to make fun of the giant endless blue swath and the primitive look, but it handles the fundamentals of basketball superbly and is entertaining, and remember, this was leaps and bounds better than the Double Dribbles of the world we were seeing, despite being damn near ancient by gaming standards. It’s nothing terribly flashy, but it was probably the best college hoops game for a decade, and certainly worth a play for any roundball junkie.
SNESNintendo Magasinet (Denmark)
Takket være Mode 7 får man en helt fantastisk spilfornemmelse i dette spil.
SNESThe Video Game Critic
The camera follows the ball closely, making three point bombs look awesome. Simple controls make it easy to pass, steal, and shoot. Unfortunately, there's no turbo button, and you can't pass on the run, killing any fast break opportunities. Special low-post moves and thundering dunks bring a feeling of satisfaction, and I love how the players automatically crash the boards. The game is well balanced and the CPU provides a worthy challenge. Occasionally its non-aggressive style can lull you into a false sense of security just before it finds an open man under the hoop. NCAA Basketball's sound effects are sparse, limited to marching band music and the occasional referee call like "Foul on point guard!" It's not realistic like NBA Live or flashy like NBA Jam, but if you're looking for college hoops on your SNES, this isn't half bad.