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PlayStationGamezilla (1997)
If you are a fan of college football, you should be fairly happy with this game. With tons of schools to choose from and so many different plays available, I never lost interest in the game. The schools, colors, players, fight songs, and some good football were all here. And the best part of the game? I didn't have to watch Notre Dame play every week if I didn't want to.
WindowsAdrenaline Vault, The (AVault) (Oct 29, 1997)
I was somewhat let down in some areas and rather surprised in others. It would have been nice to see a more intelligent football game, much like Madden is becoming today. Even though the graphics are not up to standard compared to some of the other titles out there, I still found them acceptable and playable. What makes NCAA Football 98 a game that is worth buying for many college football fans is the nostalgia of playing in the great games of the past. Even if there are some weaknesses, it is still fun to take a step back in time and kick some butt in some of the greatest college games. There are a bunch of other pros to NCAA Football 98, such as the low system install requirements. Being able to play off the CD-ROM won major points, in my opinion. It was also great to be able to play through a season watching the polls change as teams won and lost. I was particularly happy that my team could lose a game and stay in the top ten in voting.
PlayStationGameSpot (Aug 22, 1997)
With its awesome features, authenticity, and fun gameplay, NCAA 98 is the perfect game for college football fanatics, despite its mediocre graphics and computer AI. Football fans in general, however, may be served better by waiting for Madden NFL 98, which is looking like a more complete package.
PlayStationIGN (Aug 05, 1997)
Although this game may play like Madden, NCAA Football '98 still seperates itself by adding all the stadiums, all the crowd noises, and an Alma Mater soundtrack filled with your favorite college fight songs. So if you like college football, or you just want a solid football game, NCAA Football '98 will definitely keep your cleats muddy.