Necronomicon Screenshots

User Screenshots

FM Towns version

Title screen
One of the most horrifying scenes I've ever seen in a video game
Cut to a deceptively peaceful Victorian train
The map of Arkham
Where to go, sir?
The streets of Arkham
You see something scary there...
Main square. Interaction with highlighted objects
Dialogue is done by highlighting the head of the person you want to talk to
Your room. Navigation menu
Talking to some dudes at the dining table
Outside navigation menu
Nice view...
You'll need to examine everything to find clues
What is this?..
Local bar

PC-98 version

Simple, yet somehow scary title screen...
What can you expect from a game that begins with such a scene?..
Prepare to see such disturbing images...
Jonathan in the train
Looking at the area map
Point-and-click interaction. Looks as if I stuck the cursor into his mouth :)
Taking a car to Arkham
The desolate town streets
Hotel room
Zooming on fish :)
Visiting monastery ruins with two other dudes
What the...
The game has this "scarily cozy" look...
In a bar
One of the few places with dialogue choices
Choosing locations from the map
Exploring the ruins...
Scary? No?
Jonathan has nightmares...
More spooky images. All those nuns...
Who is this lady?..
It's just me and Cordelia...
Mysterious mansion