Need for Speed II Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

Title screen.
Main menu
Loading screen
Night driving
Race starts
Little town
Before race
First Person View
Village themes
White car
Run, run, run!
On bridge
Painful drift

Windows version

Main Title
Main Menu
Car Selection
Cockpit View
3rd-person-view Driving
Intro opening shows Jaguar XJ220 and Italdesign Cala doing some wild things on the road.
Showcase Jaguar XJ220
Showcase Lotus Espirit V8
Almost every car has video preview included (just like in the original NFS only not as good).
When your car spins around, so do the textures, hehe.
First person through the town.
Yup, sometimes you can use opponent's car to slow you down if your brakes aren't sufficient enough.
At the start of race, you can see the smoke in the mirror your burning tires make.
Trying to squeeze past two McLaren F1 cars.
Lotus Espirit from the inside (you can see by the horn, though).
Ferrari F50 following by the outer curve.
Driving in close-up back view.
Inside the Jaguar, speeding towards some mediterranean town.
You can also drive from hood first-person view (that looks very fast, then).
You can also see your car from up front, but it's not adviseable to use that view for more than 0.5 sec.
Just got a little off road, followed by a couple of spins around.
Lotus, but this time GT1, not Espirit.
Too much of a speed often results with flying.
While in ice cave, I advise slow driving, 'cos it's really slippery.
Ferrari F50 from the inside (has a particularly different mirror).