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    The newest title in the successful range of driving games from EA looks set to push forward the boundaries.

    The environments are incredible and are spiced up with the inclusion of weather effects, reflective surfaces and a new dynamic lighting technique.

    This technique allows realistic colouring of the surrounding environment, which alters, for example, when headlights and police lights emit perfect beams across the play area. Also included are multiple-point light sources, flare effects, light hazing and dynamic environment/ light reflections off car surfaces and other objects.

    Cars on offer include the Ferrari 550 Maranello and Lamborghini Diablo SV, all available in the colour of your choice. An interesting feature is the pursuit mode, which sees you being chased by an entire police force!

    Contributed by Grant McLellan (623) on Sep 12, 2001.

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    Race on both sides of the law with Hot Pursuit mode.

    -Break the law and face the consequences

    -Use radar, dispatchers and roadblocks to track down speeders

    Multiplayer Racing

    -Point and click hook up via Lan, modem or serial cable

    Download Free cars

    -Start with 13 of the world's most spirited supercars

    -Add to your personal showroom from the NFS3 website

    Technology & Flexibility

    -Glide and D3D support as well as a software rendered version

    -Plays on a Pentium 166/16MB machine or 133/16MB with 3d acceleration

    13 licensed cars

    (High performance Coupes)
    -98 Corvette C5
    -Aston Martin DB7
    -Jaguar XK8
    -Mercedes SL600
    -Italdesign Scighera
    (Italian exotics)
    -Ferrari 355F1 Spider
    -Ferrari 550 Maranello
    -Lamborghini Countach 25th
    -Lamborghini Diablo SV
    (Racebred supercars)
    -Jaguar Sport XJR-15
    -Mercedes CLK GTR
    (Pursuit cars)
    -98 Corvette C5
    -Lamborghini Diablo SV

    Contributed by Aquaman (57) on Dec 31, 1999.