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PlayStation 2 version

Main Menu - Quick Race
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 8
My Mercedes Benz is waiting for me in the garage
Main Menu - Blacklist
Main Menu - Race Events
Loading Screen
Drag Race
Screen turns blue when police notices you
Approaching roadblock with speedbreaker (slow-motion) turned on
This is so naive that they think that STOP sign is going to make me stop
There is a white light in the end of every tunnel
It's raining
Another roadblock that i don't care
Taking a shortcut
Some police cars want to chase me in front of me
Oops, i broke a roof
Stadium is accessible
Poor police SUV, it twisted lot of times in front of me
My car was impounded
Race introducing animation
Options Menu
Shot after winning a drag race
Slow-motion jump from the higher level
I hit a wall with full speed
Highway sharp concrete walls are soften with water barrels
Backing away from black police cars
Breaking through the road block
I was busted by woman officer, oh shame
This adventure was worth every penny

Windows version

"Hello this is Josie Maran". This is your safety warning. I feel very safe now.
From the intro. Do not be fooled... the black and yellow car is a police pursuit vehicle!
This is your baby. Why would you want another car? You'll see...
FMV scenes have a distinctly real/unreal look. And so does Josie.
Sgt. Cross is TOO happy to see us...
You win. Savour it while it lasts...
This guy is your prime target for revenge.
Oh yeah. Mia helps you out throughout the game.
Have I mentioned how much better she acts and looks than Brooke Burke?
You have to love this...
And this is one of the cars you can have in the beginning. Probably the best of the bunch.
You receive tips and hate mail at your cell phone.
Yes, I believe you have to go there. Just a hunch.
THIS guy is our first opponent? You can't be serious!
Found a race event spot while in Free Roam mode. You can also jump to them from the Safe House.
The blue arrows are police cars. You have to lose them...
A Pursuit Breaker. Drive under the tower and wash your pursuers away!
That will certainly help give you a bad name with the police!
All in a days work.
You have to beat #15 in two events in order to win.
After beating a Black List racer you get 2 picks from these markers. The first three are random.

Xbox 360 version

Loading screen
Introducing Mia.
Police chase from the opening cinematic
During chases, accidents are bound to happen.
Your BMW versus the entire police pursuit
Main title
Main menu
At the safe house in a career mode
First car that led me to victory and gave my opponents a taste of bitter defeat.
As the time passes, so will the opponents on the top wanted list.
Checking the city map.
Taking a look from the front side may not be wise during the high speed driving.
Taking a shortcut through the terminal.
Zooming in on your car in 3rd-person perspective.
This smells like a crash.
Current race events
Race is about to start.
Terror on the highway... best place to test your nitro.
Dueling with one of the opponents.
Hood camera is closest to cockpit view that this game has to offer.

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  • Need for Speed: Most Wanted Screenshot
  • Need for Speed: Most Wanted Screenshot
  • Need for Speed: Most Wanted Screenshot
  • Need for Speed: Most Wanted Screenshot
  • Need for Speed: Most Wanted Screenshot
  • Need for Speed: Most Wanted Screenshot