Need for Speed: Most Wanted Screenshots

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PlayStation 3 version

Title screen
From the start, the game throws player right into the race.
The road seems awfully empty.
Unlike the previous game Most Wanted, the player is free to choose his own path.
All new cars are acquired by finding them in the city.
Each car has its own races.
Some info before starting a new race.
Visceral Games says "Hi" from virtual advertising billboards.
Tailing the opponent in the sprint run.
The car took some damage, but that hopefully won't lead to a loss.
After a successful finish, the player gets some new stuff as an award.
Each race improves the player's ranking in the Most Wanted list.

Windows version

No pre game menu.. everything is in game
old Porsche
Sewer never looked this good
Spawned a Mc.. well .. more like teleported
Cops Inbound
Logo appears every time when changing car
Found a GT
Heavy Burnout Inspiration
Doing a Donut
Well Shit
Doing 90 without rubber
Ultimate Drive through.. fixes everything
Beautiful road
Loosing them cops can be difficult for the most part
Info on what parts you've upgraded.. but really.. there's not much customizations
seeing some potential for airborne
off road literally
Boss races.. similar to blacklist in the good old MW
There's a lot of variety in locales
Took some damage..