Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

Title screen
Main menu
Car selection
View of the starting grid
Two seconds till the race starts.
The graphics are actually quite good for being PlayStation. Here's Japan.
Racing down the straight.

Windows version

Intro Screen
Tinker with the cars
Your mission, if you choose to accept it...
Outside view
Interior, in the woods
Driving in a 1950s era 356 Ferdinand.
A shot of the 356 Ferdinand from the outside.
Driving through a mineshaft in rear-overhead view.
The country roads of Normandy.
NFS5's physics model is impressive -- the older models have softer, spongy shocks, and it's immediately noticeable.
A 550 Spyders-only race in Monte Carlo.
This sharp turn becomes a traffic jam when the race first begins.
Looking to the side (passenger window) in Monte Carlo.
Monte Carlo again; notice the fountain in the background.
A 944 on a dark forest road.
Scuffing up that 944.
Just crossed the finish line at 130mph and hitting a natural jump ramp in the hillside...
... and what a jump! This is for real, folks. Of course, the car didn't look quite the same when it... landed.
Catching air in a Carrera in the Zone Industrielle.
Taking a ride through the Alps in a 914.
A little mountain village in the Alps.
A gently winding road.
Even the wimpy 914 is a blast in NFS5.
Making tracks in the rain.
In the cockpit of a 911 Turbo in the Zone Industrielle.
She's a beauty.
Passing a rival on the outside at the docks.
A Boxster taking off.
Taking the low road (the slightly-longer route is on the cliff above).
A sideshot of a screaming 911.
Catching air.
Eliminating the competition.
About to enter a mountain tunnel in Corsica.
A gorgeous seaside view.
Taking a shortcut through the steel foundry.
A classics race; notice the range of different models.
Test Driver mode.
Taking the ultimate uber-Porsche out for a drive on the Autobahn.
Comparing Porsche 928 GTS and Porsche Turbo
Beauty shot of Porsche Boxter S
Driving the 944 at Cote d' Azur, notice the sun at the right.
In the 944, the coast is shown on the right along with the boat and a ferry, which looks pretty nice.
Visual bug (the driver sleeve is clipping?)
Replay: Taking off with the 1982 944 Coupe, successor of the 924.