Need for Speed: ProStreet Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation 2 version

The game starts with the usual logos and a video sequence that showcases the cars and the action. There's also a lot of 'urban art' images that flash on the screen
In case you think it's cool to race around streets in real life the game's intro includes this warning
The game's title screen
The main menu
The controller settings.
This is all there is, there's no alternate setting, and no customisation option
The start of a game in Career Mode
After creating a game id and saving it there's another video sequence and then the player finds themselves on the grid waiting for the 3-2-1 countdown
The in-game pause menu
While paused the camera moves slowly around the car

Windows version

Title screen
Important advice before playing
Main menu
Loading screen containing some tips.
Preparing for race.
Racers, get ready!
The path to glory. At the end are the king and the four sub-kings of each mode
And this is Ryo Watanabe, the King to be overthrown
The race begins.
The race where all begins
Starting the fist race
Trying to take the lead.
Aside from the game's stunning graphics, a very realistic damage system is also included.
On pause, taking a good look of my vehicle.
Girls are mostly for showcase when it comes to cars
At the first race day, everybody has to use the same pre-tuned car
Off-road driving serves to show some nice volumetric dust effects
Nitro is mandatory in any tuned car
Buying cars.
You have to shift manually in drag race.
Career overview.
Personal records.
Tight turn left.
View behind.
Time attack mode.
Race results.
Turning right.
Burning tires before drag race.
Car crashed.
Warming up the tires at the start of a drag race
Select a car for each type of event before the race day
Lined up for a drag race
RB26DETT is now visible after crashing the R34 GTR
After the accident
Slecting a 180sx for the grip races
Grip race
Photo mode lets you look around your car while paused